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Citizen-Z Cavan Young's 2004 film about the zamboni crisis





This neighbourhood is UNDER CONSTRUCTION

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What's being built or planned nearby right now (a little collage):

"Dufferin Grove Village" (Dufferin Mall)

Queen and Gladstone (11 Peel Avenue)

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City of Toronto permit applications listings

July 25, 20919, from Angad Kaur, on the Dovercourt listserv:

I was speaking to someone from a community, who was not being well represented by their elected officials, and dealing with developers, who did not have the communities best interest in mind, nor did they even consider the long-term impact on quality of life, infrastructure, education, transportation, healthcare, etc. So very similar situation. He said he would be glad to be a resource and is part of an organization, which helps communities like ours stand up for their community when elected officials don't and developers threaten. The organization is called West Side Community Council and it's Westsidecc.ca. Perhaps with their experience, they have some strategies, connections and suggestions.

West Side Community Council

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