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2008 Capital Budget Overview

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posted March 30, 2008

Wading Pool Capital Plan

E-mail from Mike Schreiner, manager, Parks, Forestry and Recreation, Capital Projects, September 17, 2007

On March 8 2007 City Council approved the Parks Forestry and Recreation Capital budget for 2008 and approved the Plan for 2009 to 2011 in principal.

In the approved Capital Budget an item for state of good repair was identified "Play sub-project #235" in the amount of $565,000 for the repair work identified for 4 waterplay locations. As well Council also approved a "plan" for the next four years in the amount of $500,000 annually to address our next 19 top priorities.

posted September 10, 2007

Parks and Recreation Capital budget stories

- by Jutta Mason

Learning about the park budget is like looking through a keyhole. If you stay at the keyhole for a long time, you can see a lot, but there will always be some things happening just out of range – you might hear some suggestive things, but you can’t be sure. And if you ask anybody that comes out of that room to tell you more, they’ll ask you what business is it of yours? This account is written with the idea that how Toronto is run is the business of everyone who lives there.

The park levies story

Nov.21, 2005- by Jutta Mason

posted February 04, 2008

There was a woman who used to drive her electric wheelchair into the park and park it right in the middle, beside some big trees. Her name was Yvonne, and she lived halfway up Gladstone Avenue just north of the park. She was in the wheelchair because of an auto-immune disease that made it hard to move very much. She was often in pain and the many bumps on the park’s rutted centre path made the ride feel worse. But she wanted to be in the park, to read or just sit in the sun and watch people.

The path is made of “hazmac,” tiny bits of gravel sometimes mixed with sand and even clay. When it rains, it turns into a muck that catches cyclists’ wheels, and strollers too. So in wet weather, people struggle through the park – but they still go there, lots of them. Then the path is full of footprints, which harden when the path dries and make more bumps.

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