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Excerpts from the 09/10 Season
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Excerpts from the 08/09 Season
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Excerpts from the 07/08 Season
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The City Auditor

On October 20, Jeff Griffiths, the City’s auditor general, attended an Audit Committee meeting, at which councillors were considering his report on Parks, Forestry, and Recreation Division capital spending.

Mr.Griffiths noted in his report that 95% of PFR capital project funding comes from debt. In general, the city’s level of debt is troubling: “the City’s $2.5 billion of net debt in 2007 is projected to rise to $3 billion by 2013. In 2006, the City raised its debt service guideline from 10, to 15 per cent of property taxes and expects to reach this level by 2011. This means that for every dollar of property taxes, 15 cents will go towards making interest and principal payments on debt. The result of this is that it reduces the amount available for annual operating expenditures.”

Parks, Forestry and recreation -Capital Program- The Backlog In needed Repairs Continues to Grow, January 23, 2009

Excerpts from the auditor's report, with commentary

A letter to the Auditor GeneralOctober 20, 2009.


In October 2009, CELOS learned that city staff who collaborate with CELOS in addressing specific outdoor rink problems 09/10 Season, 08/09 Season, 07/08 Season may be disciplined for conflict of interest. The source of this judgment is said to be the city's auditor general. This is an interesting instance of a policy issue, and CELOS will contact the auditor's office to find out more.

Of note: CELOS calculates that its proposal for two double-pad outdoor rinks in the West Toronto area would cost almost $6000 less than the existing staffing of that rink, at the same time giving better service.

2010 audit work plan

The City Auditor in media

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