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Police-related Correspondence

September 22, 2008

Chavez wrote:
Hello neighbours,
I know that in the past some in our community (including myself even though I'm a newcomer) have had questions or legitimate concerns about the role of Police in our Park. Even though this is my first summer here I've witnessed first-hand some Police behavior that I thought seemed a little sketchy....random questioning, stopping youth of colour (racial profiling?) and that sort of thing. From the website it looks like things have settled down, but I'm an inquisitive sort so I called our local division (14) to see whats what....

Surprisingly I spoke with a (seemingly) nice officer who seemed to share my concerns about what goes on in our Park. His name is Robert Tajti (badge 1445)and he can be reached at Robert.Tajti@torontopolice.on.ca or by phone at 416 808 1403. If anyone has concerns about the Park he might be a good contact for us....thank you all for creating such a warm sense of community centered around a great park. I hope I will soon meet more of you on one of my daily walks. Peace.

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