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Police Freedom Of Information Correspondence

Follow-up Access to Information Request Nov.5, 2008

November 5, 2008

Dear Ms.Watts,

Our group has received the most recent letter from A.Forbes, confirming that the Toronto Police Service can find no more records that respond to my freedom of information request (case number 073075). I have informed Brian Bisson of the IPC that we accept this decision and do not intend to carry on with our appeal.

However we continue to be concerned about some of the issues that we have tried, unsuccessfully, to raise with Fourteen Division in recent years. Since information about the particular examples we gave is unavailable, we would like to discover whether the Toronto Police Service has, perhaps, studied some of those same issues more broadly across the city.

Follow-up On Access to Information Request Oct 1, 2008

Mr.B.Bisson Mediator Information and Privacy Commissioner Province of Ontario

October 1 2008

Hello Mr.Bisson,

Here (attached) are the letters you asked for. CELOS has been trying for some years to do a survey of all police stops at Dufferin Grove Park over a sample period of time (January 2002 to October 2005) to test the commonly-expressed opinion by Fourteen Division police officers that Dufferin Grove is a dangerous park.

On November 30 2007 I sent in my police-FOI request for the obviously missing records from our previous (2005) request. (Obvious because the numbers in the sequence were blank.) I also gave three specific examples of missing records, and asked:

These missing reports make us concerned, that other reports might be missing as well. Can you give us a sense of how complete occurrence reports are supposed to be?

You will note that I did not ask to find out more details about those specific records. I mentioned the examples to illustrate why we wanted to be sure that our statistical inventory was complete, that no records had been omitted without telling us.

Freedom Of Information Missing Info Followup Request

June 2 2008

Coordinator, Access and Privacy Section,
Toronto Police Service,
40 College Street
Toronto, M5G 2J3

Re: File Number 073075

Dear Ms.Watts,

Thank you for sending our research group the material we requested under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, file number 073075, and thank you also for waiving part of the research fee. Our group was seeking the missing data for all police occurrence sheets and arrest reports for a previous information request, file number 051925, relating to police activity in Dufferin Grove Park between January 2002 and September 2005.

The data your office sent us were helpful to our inquiry. I enclose the results of our analysis, for your files. However we are concerned that there might be some omissions or incomplete entries in the data we received.

Follow-up On Access to Information Request Nov 30, 2007

Nov.30, 2007

Freedom of Information and
Protection of Privacy Unit,
Toronto Police Service,
40 College Street, fourth Floor,
Toronto M5G 2J3

Dear Ms.Watts,

Re: Access to Information request 051925.

On October 5 2005 your office received my Freedom of Information request, asking to see:

  1. All Occurrence Reports relating to Dufferin Grove Park from 2002 to the present
  2. All Arrest reports relating to arrests made in Dufferin Grove Park from 2002 to the present, with names and identifying details blanked out (paper version is fine)
  3. All documented reports of citizen/police contacts in Dufferin Grove Park from 2002 to the present, names and identifying details blanked out.

I received 159 pages labeled 001 to 201 from your office, giving me partial access, with two exemptions:

  1. any information concerning matters still before the courts
  2. any records pertaining to youth (approx. 130 reports missing).

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