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Citizen-Z Cavan Young's 2004 film about the zamboni crisis





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Publishing Guidelines

Research papers created by CELOS associates are often developed with publicly available information from the City of Toronto website, and source documents obtained with the co-operation of city staff, or failing that, sourced from the City through Freedom of Information requests and appeals.

These documents can be considered as data samples taken from a vast, rapidly flowing river of documents generated by the city, in which the documents themselves sometimes change, the data in them often changes (when the data is used in the context of other documents), or the documents or data are removed from the data stream altogether. In addition the definitions of the data can change, as can the context. To provide some stability in this environment, we therefore strive to provide a "snapshot" of the source documents from which we draw our baselines.

In practice, this means that we try to provide specific links to specific source documents in our research article pages, for all individual key pieces of information. Furthermore, as a matter of practice we download electronic source documents, or make images of physical documents, and upload these to our website, where they will be assured to be available as links for the published life of the research articles that use them as references.

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