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Governance References

City Of Toronto Contacts

Detailed contacts:
City Council | Offices | Services | e-Transactions | Information | City Management | Regulations

posted January 30, 2005. Updated March 18, 2009

City Website Portals: Living in Toronto, Doing Business, Visiting Toronto, Accessing City Hall

City Website Search Engine:Search | Search Help.

City of Toronto corporate phone directory

Here are the detailed contacts:

City Council

  • Standing Committees, Committees of Council, Community Councils: Main portal | Index
    • Standing Committees


  • Special Committees, Task Forces, and Roundtables Main portal

  • Facilities Committees

  • Social Welfare Committees
    • Social Issues

  • Personal Welfare

  • Special Purpose

  • City Administration Committees


General Management Offices

Divisions Main Portal Contact

  • Pension, Payroll and Employee Benefits About

  • Information and Technology About



Agencies, Boards, Commissions, and Special Purpose Bodies Main Portal | Index | About

Major Agencies, Boards, and Commissions Main portal

Affiliated Organizations Main portal

Arts and Heritage Organizations

Community Centre Boards and Advisory Councils: Main portal



Parenthesized numbers are the proposed 2005-2006 budget figures for the services.

Basic Works

Social Welfare

Recreation, Culture & Education

Municipal Ventures





Getting around

About Toronto


The Access Toronto Publications Centre is now closed.

Social Groups & Sectors

Personal, Household & Small Business Resources


Related Information

posted January 30, 2005

On April 15 2005, the City's management structure will change, as outlined in Mayor Miller's Review of the City's Administrative Structure from November, 2004. Read more >> | Consultant's Review >>

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posted February 17, 2005

In the Offices category, there are about 187 front-line offices (units, or division offices that have no units), and 45 control offices (offices that have units)

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