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Dufferin Grove Park Gallery

Sand Pit

A tap and shovels will be out again so hundreds of kids get to be little engineers in the sand pit, digging riverbeds, building bridges and tipis.

Wading pool

Children find water a wonderful play material for floating things, a little splashing, the gentle pleasant feeling of water, currents, rivers, waterfalls and fountains.

Play Structures

My children and I have done some serious playground hopping these past few days, playing/gathering signatures.

Today we went to Dufferin Grove. What an incredible place!! In the 1.5 hours, we must have seen close to 100 people come and go. The sand area is unbelievable.

I think I had the most fun of anybody!

Well, they've decided that of all the playgrounds we've been to, Duffering Grove is the best!

Maya Littman

Architectural Structures

Toronto Public Health inspectors have told us to get proper sinks for food preparation by the wading pool this coming summer or stop doing the playground food cart. Georgie Donais wants to build a little courtyard around the sinks, and then some. The courtyard walls would be made of "cob," an OLD way of building that's catching on again.

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