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Governance Notebooks

Governance Notebook

Candidates for Ward 18 City Councillor

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"If you take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves" -- that's an old piece of folk wisdom. That little saying does NOT cover all that a big city needs, but certainly -- in the case of Toronto City Councillors -- if the councillors don't know how to take care of the little things (and it's not easy), the big things will be in lots of trouble.

Right up to election day, CELOS will be asking the councillors specific questions about "little things" relating to parks and public spaces in Ward 18, and publishing their responses.

August 25 2010 to: Ana Bailao, Kevin Beaulieu, Frank DeJong, Joe MacDonald, Hema Vyas.

Dear Ward 18 candidates,

What's your position on city staff collaborating with park users when public funds are being spent for repairs or renovations to public facilities? Are you aware that City Council passed a non-consultation policy last year http://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/mmis/2010/ex/bgrd/backgroundfile-26065.pdf, regarding spending on Stimulus Funds projects AND state-of-good-repair projects? (That can include even million-dollar projects.)

Governance Notebook

Belinda Cole on City of Toronto governance

Belinda Cole

Legal Researcher Belinda Cole has been paying close attention to Toronto's municipal laws, regulations, policies and guidelines for CELOS for about five years. Her study of the effects of municipal governance on public space have led her to make some lists of what is necessary to address the problems of the City's current approach. The remedies she suggests will conserve our taxes by engaging the ingenuity and insight of the citizens of many more Toronto residents than has been the practice since amalgamation.

Governance Notebook

City of Toronto Strike, 2009

On June 22 2009 shortly after midnight, the approximately 24,000 members of Cupe Local 416 and Local 79 went on strike against the City of Toronto. The strike ended in a deal on July 30 2009. This notebook collects related information and local comments from members of the public.

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