Centre For Local Research into Public Space (CELOS)

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research by ordinary people that is disciplined, critical, well-documented and public

Our Activities

The Centre for Local Research into Public Space (CELOS - pronounced "see-loss") is a non-profit organization with charitable status, which works in the area of public urban space, mainly (but not only) parks. This is who we are. The primary focus of activity is in the City of Toronto. CELOS currently engages in three main types of activities: literature research, practical research, and documenting the results.


CELOS practical research: what works well in a park, what doesn't?

Background Research

More research areas

recent CELOS documentation:

Laneway housing.

Playground injury reports.

Rinks project

Kristen Fahrig: in memoriam read more

Jutta Mason's blog

Freedom of Information log

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