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Community Centre Kitchens

Community centers with kitchen list with parks, Fieldhouses and community gardens nearby, see also map.

Stan Wadlow Community Centre

We parked in the lower parking lot by mistake, and had a pretty good view of the surrounding park as we walked towards the community centre. Large green rolling hills, a playground, a school, ball field, splash pad and outdoor pool attached to the centre. One of the first things you come upon when you enter the community centre is a little snack bar with coffee and cookies.


The centre is surrounded by busy streets on two sides, a wooded area on the others. First up on entering the building is a closed snack bar on the left, leased by Country Style and a staff office with a few people inside. We turned down a long corridor with people gathered at tables and chairs in the middle, and spotted a little snack bar at the end of it, a fundraiser run by the local seniors group.

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