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posted on February 27, 2010

Coyle: Power grab? Premier likes to call it 'change'

By: Jim Coyle
Published: February 26, 2010
Source: The Star

Let's face it. If we were Premier Dalton McGuinty, we'd want to get rid of Ombudsman André Marin and Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller, too.

In recent years, their good work has made for some of the Ontario government's more embarrassing days.

In fact, if everyone in government did their job as enthusiastically and fearlessly as the two administrative watchdogs, well, we probably wouldn't need an André Marin or Gord Miller.


posted on October 15, 2009

Mayor urges flexibility in seniors park spat

By: Emily Mathieu
Published: October 14, 2009
Source: The Star

It was a beautiful day in Humber Bay Park. The seniors group had just finished an hour-long walk along the water, a regular event organized to warm them up before a twice-weekly fitness class at a nearby community hall.

They didn't get far before the bylaw officer's truck appeared.

"We were just leaving the park to go back to the hall and (the city worker) parked his car right in our path," said Margaret Guthrie, 71, describing the Sept. 21 encounter. "He totally obstructed our pathway."


posted on August 20, 2009

Airport taxis given green light for city fares

Province moves unilaterally to remove restrictions in a move called a stab in the back to Toronto cabbies

By: Brodie Fenlon
Published: Aug. 19, 2009
Source: The Globe and Mail

In a move that caught Toronto cabbies and city officials by surprise, the Ontario government has quietly amended the City of Toronto Act to ensure that airport-licensed taxis and limousines can't be prohibited from picking up fares within city limits.

The provincial amendment ensures the death of a contentious city bylaw that aimed to permit only Toronto-licensed taxis and limos to take passengers to the airport – a short-lived victory for local taxi drivers in a 30-year fight over the lucrative fares.


posted on August 19, 2009

Judge mulls 'tent city' arguments

By: Roszan Holmen
Published: June 15, 2009
Source: Victoria News

The B.C. court of appeal heard closing arguments last week in a case to decide whether Victoria’s homeless have a right to sleep and camp in city parks.

In October 2008, the B.C. Supreme Court struck down Victoria’s bylaw banning people from erecting tents or tarps. Given the lack of shelter spaces, Victoria’s homeless have the right to security, ruled the judge.

Several homeless advocates celebrated the decision by setting up tents in Beacon Hill Park.


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