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City of Toronto Playgrounds

Starting in 2000, the City of Toronto began removing most of its older wooden playgrounds and replaced them with plastic structures. At first this was done because of the so-called "CSA Playground Compliance Program." Playgrounds were deemed to be unsafe if they didn't conform to all the details of an industry standard developed in 1998 and updated a number of times since then. Since then, the City of Toronto has spent upwards many millions for a "playground enhancement program," continuing on the same theme of removing playgrounds and replacing them with the models currently in vogue.

CELOS has been monitoring the changes, with numerous playground visits over the years. We report on them here and here.

Older reference documents are here.

City map of parks.

The brave new world of play.

BlogTO's article (with two videos) about the original Harbourfront adventure playground

The new kind of pricey "theme" playground, e.g. at St.James: read more

Playgrounds (Notebooks)

Documenting changes on site at playgrounds

Playground photos and links

Playground Builds





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