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Ontario playground design: More of what doesn't work so well

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1. Hillcrest playground -- is this a toy jail?

2. Hillcrest playground. The cost of this deep sand is $25,000, but it's inaccessible for wheelchairs

3. Hillcrest playground. Logs for seats, but blocking the bench

4. Hillcrest playground -- edge of sand has rubber liner visible -- no drainage?

5. Gamble Park's new play structure. Shade coverings on plastic playground but angled south (wrong way)

6. The Gamble Park wading pool was converted to little wattersprays -- but some are broken

7. Gamble Park has a high fence around it, locked at night, no room for youth

8. The City's new "liability label" on all playground equipment

9. Play structure at Davisville Park

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