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Ontario playground design: what works pretty well

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1.Campbell Park playground -- plastic junior structure with graffiti

2. MacGregor Park playground -- tetherball is always fun

3. Midland -- old-fashioned teeter-totters, two disabled swings in background

4. What works: a small basketball hoop for kids, shade for them caregivers

5. What works: low wall around Bellevue playground is a good place to sit. What doesn't work -- full sun in summer

6. Gamble Playground until 2007

7. Gamble Playground until 2007

8. Kew Gardens playground -- the castle part

9. Kew Gardens playground -- castle part

10. Dovercourt Park: what works -- these small monkey bars are a place for the older kids to hang (literally) and clown around

11. Trinity Bellwoods Park, new structure with rubber base

12. Trinity Bellwoods Park, new structure

13. Wallace Emerson playground -- two short swings per bay, not a social scene any more

14. Dovercourt Park -- these older play structures have great social corners and nooks

15. Hillcrest Park playground -- good long chains on these swings, but the sand is too deep to give traction at the start of swinging

16. Classic metal junior structure at Davisville Park, double-width stairway with extra railing

17. Extra-large sandbox at Davisville Park, with and toys provided by park staff, and good shade

18. Lots of shade in Davisville Park; paid program in centre, mostly nannies

19. The good swings remain at Gamble Park

20. Power point image from Ottawa -- combined junior-senior structures making a comeback

21. Simple pleasures: the smaller playground at Withrow works -- sand for playing and shade for sitting

22. Bigger swings, although new -- at Fred Hamilton Park

23. Wallace-Emerson playground

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