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April 23: kids and schools

From Deborah: "It is true that the B117 variant is dominant here now. I can also believe that more kids are testing positive, because of the faster spread of this variant, and also increased testing - but I donít have any data that kids are getting very sick from this. The age gradient on serious illness is very well established by now....I watched the press conference yesterday and there was no mention of kids and schools, so it doesnít seem to be a pressing narrative here.

They did present a study a few press conferences ago, where they found there is little transmission between kids at school, transmission tends to be within the family. So if there are more people in the community getting it, then kids in turn will get it. Also, I believe they have found that teachers are not at more risk of getting than virus than other professions (link attached, only in Swedish) - which certainly goes against certain narratives."


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