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Citizen-Z Cavan Young's 2004 film about the zamboni crisis





Data issues re Covid 19

March 15, 2020: Cross Country Checkup

"The data [my public health colleagues] are getting is incomplete to really make sense of the size of the threat. We are getting very crude numbers of cases and deaths, very little information about testing rates, contagious analysis, severity rates, who is being hospitalised, who is in intensive care, who is dying, what are the definitions to decide if someone died of the coronavirus or just died with the coronavirus."

April 3, 2020: Dr.John Ioannidis (Stanford University) 10 minute video


Comparison: Centre for Disease Control Disease Burden of Influenza in the U.S., 2010 to 2019

USA: 61,000 influenza type deaths in 2019
Globally : average around 400,000 annually

Information on mild forms: covid19 research


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