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posted on August 12, 2008

The Star: Residents survey fire damage

Scorched debris litters the site of a huge explosion early Aug. 10
at the Sunrise propane facility near Wilson Ave. and Keele St.
This photo, taken Aug. 11., shows a burned out transport truck
frame in the top left.

By: Bill Taylor
Feature Writer
Published: August 11, 2008
Source: The Star

Northwest Toronto is picking itself up and dusting itself off after yesterday’s massive propane explosion turned the area around Wilson Ave. and Keele St. into a wasteland.

There’s a lot of dusting to do.

With some parts of the 1.6-kilometre evacuation area around the devastated Sunrise Propane Industrial Gases distribution plant still closed, mainly because of asbestos pollution, residents and business people are trying to get their lives back on track. Many say they don’t have insurance to pay for the damage.

A series of blasts just before 4 a.m. yesterday flung bright orange fireballs into the air and sent about 12,000 residents, many of them elderly, fleeing from their homes, most still in their night clothes.


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