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posted on August 12, 2008

The Star: Riddles in the ruins

Questions emerge about evacuation, the city's options and Sunrise Propane

By: Daniel Dale
Published: August 12, 2008
Source: The Star

Dino DiMatteo looked across Ancaster Rd. Yellow police tape, and a police car, blocked Regent Rd.'s west side.

DiMatteo understood. Asbestos, he had heard, was in the air. Yet he and his neighbours were allowed to stand 10 metres from the so-called danger zone.

"It's blocked on that side," DiMatteo, 37, said, "and we're on this side. What's the difference between this side and that side?"

Francesco Cugliari, sweeping shattered glass outside his Hispana Travel and Tours store, wondered how five business cards for glass repair companies got left on a chair near his broken window.


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