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July 27, 2009, 3 e-mails

J. H. wrote:

Here's an interesting and surprisingly engaging Mike Moore-style documentary exposing the failures of the Toronto dumps to contain toxins. If you live in Toronto you need to see this.


If you want to send this to your list use Bcc, seriously.


J. F. wrote:

Some media has already mentioned that we will be having a Press Conference on Thursday, July 30 at 5:45PM at Moss Park, so it's Important that we follow through, as we will not only be representing our own parks and dump sites, but all 19.

The main and most Important objective to this Press Conference is to DEMAND some assurance from the City and the Provincial government that they will not only clean our parks, arena and wherever else they dumped the garbage, but also to take care of any health problem that my occur to the residents, now and the future.

We must also make sure to name names, like Mayor Miller, Premier Mcgunity and both Ministers, Environment and Health. I will try to get a flyer out to you by Wednesday AM, I have asked Andrew to help me put something together.

I will also email Boris to see if he can make it to the press conference. I'm also suggestion that we have only one representative from each park speak to media, we can discuss through email who would like to speak.

H. S. wrote:

Happy Tuesday FCPP,

J. from Friends of Campbell Park and D. from Moss Park are working to create a press conference to ensure the concerns that have arisen due to parks becoming dumps are not lost in the euphoria that is occuring as the TOStrike apparently reaches its end.

They are aiming for Thursday late afternoon, and it will be held at Moss Park.

If you want to help out, please contact J. F. directly.

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