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posted on November 05, 2008

City's library board seeks 7.1 per cent budget hike

By: John Spears
Published: October 22, 2008
Source: The Star

Weeks after Mayor David Miller directed all city departments and agencies to flatline their budgets for 2009, the Toronto Library Board is asking for a 7.1 per cent budget increase.

The board wants to spend an extra $11 million to bump its budget to $166.8 million.

Members say the money is needed in part to extend the same level of service to all areas of the city.

The hike is far beyond the zero-increase target Miller set. In fact, departments and agencies were asked to try to cut 2009 spending by 2 per cent to ease inflationary pressures. On the other hand, Miller is a big booster of the library system; he often cites it in speeches as the world's best and busiest.

Councillor Janet Davis Miller's designated representative on the library board backs the proposal.


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