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Address: 133 Cass Ave , map

Recreational Infrastucture agreement:

Rationale describing the specific problems or objectives this project will address: "SERVICE IMPROVEMENT AND ENHANCEMENT- This project will replace the current low play-value/ less challenging playground equipment with modern multi-task structures that will provide greater physical challenges and better social interaction." Read more >>

Playground history (incomplete)

Lynngate Park playground maintenance history


This playground is at the moment just an empty patch of sand at the very edge of a park dominated by an open baseball field. The sand has recent tractor tires in it. Right next to the playground area is a primary school, not separated by a fence. Further back in the schoolyard, a very large new playground set is also just being installed.

The playground and the sports filed are separated by some very fine evergreens.

Photos: August 15, 2010

generic Stimulus Funds signage

empty playground, right next to school

baseball field

Path to playground

new playground equipment being installed in schoolyard
October 21, 2013

new park playground on the left, primary school on the right

KSL -- Bryan Belair, Brantford Ont.

short swings

longish slides

A stone's throw from the new park playground built by KSL is a newish school playground built by Henderson. The playgrounds are virtually identical. Both playground company owners used to work together at Paris Playgrounds; both have been on the CSA playground committee from the beginning, establishing and revising the standards. Both have received numerous playground contracts. The colour scheme is the same -- beige and dark green presumably supposed to fit in with forests and 'natural elements.' But the Henderson slides are blue -- 'sky'?

Henderson Playgrounds, Simcoe Ont.

climbing and monkey bar features

picture of airplane replaces airplane climbers

pictures of airplane controls plus two steering wheels

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