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Fire prevention chief's restrictions: Dufferin Grove area

1. a 1.0 m walkway entirely within your property. Anything from 0.9-1.0m will need to be approved by the building department through a compliance alternative application.

2. 90 meters from the laneway house entrance to a fire hydrant.

Havelock south from Bloor to St.Mary's school

East side: 28 houses, 4 with driveways (one shared), but no laneway between Havelock and Rusholme, so none of the houses are eligible

West side:

Fire hydrant at NW corner
NO: 13 houses to 252 (fire hydrant)
NO: 6 houses
Yes: 236: driveway, right-of-way
NO: 6 houses to laneway
Yes: last house on south (on laneway)

Total number of houses (properties) on this block of Havelock:
semi: 42
det.: 12
Total: 54

ELIGIBLE for a laneway house: maybe 2

Gladstone south from Bloor to the park, west side:

Fire hydrant on NW corner beside library
NO: South of St.Wenceslaus Church, 11 houses
Yes: #462 driveway
Yes: #between #460 and #458 wide walkway
Yes: wide space bet. #456 - #454
Yes: wide space bet. #450 - #446 (there's no #448)
Yes: may be wide enough on both sides of $442
NO: 440 to 432
Yes: Wide between 428 and 426
Fire hydrant at 426
NO: 424, 422
Yes: #420 (last house on south, with driveway)
This block stops at Dufferin Grove Park


Gladstone: right of way for only one of the houses, #469

Gladstone: fire hydrant partly buried, #426
Gladstone north from St.Mary's High School to Bloor, east side:

No: 7 houses north from the school
Yes: #467 (wide right-of-way at walkway)
NO: #469, 471
Yes: 473
NO: 6 houses
Yes: 517 and 519 have a wide driveway
NO: 4 houses
Yes: #525 (driveway)
Then comes the Working Women Community Centre.

Total number of houses (properties) on this block of Gladstone:
semi: 22
detached: 27
row (3 together): 3
Total: 52

ELIGIBLE for a laneway house: maybe 13


laneway between Gladstone and Dufferin

same laneway

same laneway

fire hydrant at centre entry to Gladstone/Dufferin laneway

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