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Construction phase 1: water barrier

Pretty exciting, that the field house will be fixed up!

From artist-in-residence Kristen Fahrig, April 16 2010

They dug a big moat around the building early this week. They allowed me to go in to get some paint brushes, but it is a work site now and steel toed boots are a requirement.

From Jutta Mason to Chris Gallop, assistant to Councillor Adam Giambrone. April 17 2010

Thanks for sending the schedule, I forwarded it to the park staff and to Kristen. The staff and the artist were not notified of the starting date and so they didn't manage to get into the building to clear out the contents and leave a clean fields for the workers. I think Mayssan will now try to go through the channels (Parks) to arrange a time when the staff and the artist can get the stuff out of MacGregor and the electricians/flooring people etc. can get to work inside. Would Christina be able to help smooth the way? (All the staff have steel-toed boots)

MacGregor construction photos, April 17 2010







From construction coordinator Christina Basan, April 19 2010:

Work is expected to be complete by May 28 (weather depending for exterior work).

MacGregor construction photos, April 20 2010




MacGregor construction photos, May 3 2010 The trench has been filled in.



To Ward 18 supervisor Dave Hains, May 3 2010, from Jutta Mason, cc to Chris Gallop, assistant to Councillor Adam Giambrone

Here are the latest photos of the MacGregor Field House waterproofing phase. Looks like they finished the first phase, except for laying the interlock, true?

I heard that you and Mayssan went to look, but I didn't hear more. I think that the Toronto Arts Council artist-in-residence (Kristen Fahrig) has lots of stuff in there, ready for the summer. When will program staff and Kristen have access?

Would you be able to ask whether Christina and the contractor can consult the program staff and the artist-in-residence, to find out the best placement of the electrical outlets? Scarce electrical outlets are a bad problem for e.g. Dufferin Grove, requiring the frequent use of extension cords for programming. It would be good to make sure that the outlets are well placed from the beginning, at MacGregor. Can you let me know?


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