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Playgrounds after 2010


From Ben Prins, Active Playgrounds (Sarnia):

We are located in Sarnia Ontario and have supplied 1000s of playground equipment installations throughout the Province of ON for the past 24 years.

We make our own equipment exactly like Henderson Play (in Simcoe Ontario) and Jambette (which is near Quebec City) does. We/they buy our rotational molded plastic products from SPI in Shallow Lake. We do all of the rest of the manufacturing.

Yes, we are aware of the Little Tykes saga and for that matter the saga of the whole industry. Yes, it does make our head spin. Its great to be a free market where everyone has to adapt or die.

Yes, we are aware of the market trends in the direction of non-directed and manipulative play using natural materials (as you pictures show). Yes, we completely support this trend in play (funny thing is, I was speaking with Peter Kells (Grace-Kells Ottawa) who has been in play in ON for almost 45years. He remembers the natural play trend in the early 70s. What goes around comes around!

Its been difficult for ALL traditional playground equipment companies to follow the trend in play but weve done our very best. Did you see our natural play page. This market is exploding. Yes, we cut and finish our own logs.

Another company you should be watching is Earthscape from Kitchener. They are strong leaders in the current trends in play.

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