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Laneway Houses

The alternative is condos and apartment towers. Here's a MAP of the region around the CELOS office, showing how many such large housing projects are underway. They are mainly on arterial roads. The houses on the side streets often have a lot of extra space that could be filled in with smaller-scale housing.

wide laneways in the downtown

typical downtown backyard - - yard side to side 26', laneway to house 93'


The "buzz" is that laneway houses are just another piece of gentrification. Certainly there's lots of talk about building little designer houses and adding even more resale value to properties that have them. But existing laneway houses mostly look like pretty modest rental accomodation.


Random photos of laneway houses (mainly unofficial ones):

1. laneway suite

2. street side

very plain, right to the lane line

at intersection of two laneways

used to be a stable, now apartments

looks official

1. laneway

2. from the street

a ruin, must have been pretty once

1. maybe an old factory

2. entrance down the lane

packing in lots of young people

Laneway houses were enabled by the Ontario Government in 2003. The City of Toronto passed a laneway house bylaw in August 2018. But 10 months later, only 22 permits had been issued.

Question: What's blocking permit approval?

Answer: Toronto Fire Services

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