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October 2, 2019:

an article about ADU's in the U.S.: "Why I hate living in my tiny house"

September 2019: Lanescape September newsletter has a National Post article that says a laneway house can be built for the bargain price of $500,000.
Some bargain.
Pull quote: "It’s only been a year since Toronto finally approved “as-of-right” zoning for laneway housing. But there have already been 100 inquiries..."

Sept.27, 2019:

From Greg Whitfield, Toronto Buildings Division: I don't have a completely up to date for you, but up to a month ago, we've issued approximately 20 laneway suite permits.

Spacing Magazine July 16, 2019 Laneway course

Steven Fudge, Bosley Real Estate Urbaneer "The Laneway Housing Guidelines For The City Of Toronto"

City of Toronto website laneway info links. (Exerpts)

Toronto Building Permits Report, July 2018 (Exerpts) "How does the City Grow?"

EXCERPTS from the Government of Ontario 2017 housing law and regs

Laneway House permits

Toronto Star March 18, 2019 "Laneway housing begins to take shape under Toronto's new rules."

"There were about 78 potential sites at different stages of the permit process by mid-March. Fifteen minor variance applications — where homeowners can make the case for a slight bend in city rules — have been submitted, and six permits have been issued, according to city staff."

Graig Uens, City of Toronto Planning, June 13, 2019:

To date a total of 102 preliminary project review applications and 36 minor variance applications have been submitted to construct Laneway Suites.

A total of 12 building permits for laneway suites have been issued and 25 additional building permit applications are in the review process.

Compare: Statscan building reports: Toronto

Total residential permits issued:
Dec.2018: 1,563
Jan 2019: 1,792
Feb 2019: 1,505
Mar 2019: 2,207
Apr 2019: 2,756
Total: 9823


Laneway house permits elsewhere:

Vancouver, 2013 (CBC)

California (May Warren, the Star, July 16 2019)


Planning and Housing Committee decision re secondary suites March 20, 2019

Planning and Housing Committee agendas

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