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September 29, 2020: email to all councillors and the mayor:

Subject line: please send the laneway report PH16.10 back to committee

Dear ______
The item called "Laneway Suites: Fire Access Requirements," to be considered by Council tomorrow, needs to go back to committee for more work. Laneway suite permits are just a trickle when they should be a flow. As we've learned -- painfully -- over the last 6 months, ground-level "granny flats" are a better alternative for grannies than long-term care institutions. And they're good for lots of other people as well.

Attached is Jutta Mason's analysis of item PH16.10, and some real-world suggestions for next steps.

The sequel: It looks like the the laneway suites/fire regs item was passed with no discussion.

Of note: the Sept.22 report cited the Building Code Commission decision re 349 Manning in their considerations of changes to Fire management's approach. However, On Oct.1, 2020, there was no sign of a laneway suite construction start at the address.

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