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Project Description

Crescer com Arte (Growing Up with Art) Phase One, April, May 2011 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Artist Kristen Fahrig will work with Cultural Producer Henrique Pio to develop the supports necessary for the establishment of community art projects in local urban neighbourhoods.

In 2014 Rio will host the World Soccer Cup and in 2016 the Summer Olympics and the pressure to make an impression on the international stage is high. The city has completed the ‘pacification’ of 10 favelas and real estate speculation has begun in these areas that have been ‘cleaned up’. Our aim is to bring communities together through the creation of public art installations and celebratory performances that reinforce a sense of place, ownership and pride within the community. In the process we will connect with teachers in local schools to enhance the art curriculum, involving students and street youth in the beautification of their neighbourhoods. Our first theme will be ‘Sports’ with a focus on soccer, a game that everyone, both rich and poor is passionate about in Brazil.

It is important that a project be well supported by a diversity of interests for it to be successful. During this residency the focus will be on that first step in the community art process – making connections with local people, residence associations, schools, government officials, artists, businesses, NGOs - building support for a collective project and designing an art installation that gives space for the contribution of people of all ages and backgrounds.

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