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Preparations for Rio project

Our original name for the project was ‘Arte para Todos’ or ‘Art for All’.

With a little research we discovered that this name is over-used so we changed the name to ‘Crescer com Arte’ or ‘Growing Up with Art’. I designed and painted a little logo for the project and sent it to Rio where it is being re-worked.

Henrique has identified the favela Complexo do Alemao as a good place to start. Formerly extremely dangerous because of the drug business, it went through a massive ‘pacification’ in December with police and Special Forces removing the dealers.

Now that carnival is over Henrique has been making progress in setting up appointments with a couple of NGOs that are working with similar themes of culture and sport. As well he is connecting us with the university graduate course in Cultural Production to find trainees who could work with us. When we meet community leaders he has asked me to bring along letters of introduction. Our City Councillor Ana Bailao has kindly written letters both in English and Portuguese. I will also bring a letter from Francisco Alvarez, Director of the Institute for Contemporary Culture at the Royal Ontario Museum.

I had fun buying a bag full of Canadian souvenirs at the Dollarama in the Dufferin Mall. They have a great selection!! Meanwhile I am listening to Marina Gomez’ Brazillian Podclass whenever I have a moment, to absorb as much Brazilian Portuguese as I can.

I leave Toronto on Thursday March 31 and arrive in Rio on April 1.

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