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Thorncliffe Park Women's Committee

About the Thorncliffe Park Women’s Committee

The Thorncliffe Park Women's Committee is devoted to developing and implementing public space enhancement projects in Thorncliffe Park. We seek to empower the women of Thorncliffe Park to believe they can make a difference in their community through the process of engaging the interest and support of local community leaders, politicians and businesses.

Our culturally diverse group welcomes all interested women and invites them to join us in the process of identifying the needs of our public spaces and planning strategies for change that will have a direct positive impact on the people of our community.


Building the Park of our Imagination

by Asiya Sohail

R.V.Burgess Park is located in the middle of the Thorncliffe Park Community. This development was built in the early 1970's for 12,000 people. 30,000 people live there now. The park is the main recreation area where youth and kids play. However, there is very little play equipment for all the children that now live here.

The Thorncliffe Park Women's Committee had several meetings with our City government to determine the scope of the work needed to rehabitate the park. Our work began in June of 2008. After 2 years of lobbying and efforts by the community, City officials began to see the need to improve this small but lively park. In the fall of 2009, construction began. We now have decorative gardens, benches and many rocks which not only beautify park but are used for sitting too. We hope for improved grass and new trees in the park this year.

We have also been successful in supporting local entrepreneurs in the park and hosting arts activities and performances for children. In this public space it is not only local community members that come now but also visitors from other neighbourhoods. Our public space has become a window where nations, people, cultures and stereotypes are reevaluated and reformed.

A key goal of the TPWC project is to strengthen ties between the local community and the multi cultural community. We try to provide an opportunity for the community to demonstrate its capability to provide services which improve the quality of life of its citizens. The committee is made up solely of community members which provides perspective and stability and helps to foster the growth of our neighbourhood.

This year we plan to expand our programs through funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

We are all excited about the project and hope the park will be restored as a “CROWN JEWEL” of THORNCLIFFE as we celebrate together the 2nd anniversary of the Thorncliffe Park Women's Committee.

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