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Peter Secor Playpower

Address: 235 Coronation Drive, map

Recreational Infrastucture agreement:

Rationale describing the specific problems or objectives this project will address: SERVICE IMPROVEMENT AND ENHANCEMENT- This project will replace the current low play-value/ less challenging playground equipment with modern multi-task structures that will provide greater physical challenges and better social interaction. Read more >>

Playground History (incomplete)

Peter Secor Park playground maintenance history


This playground is manufactured by Playpower, a large transnational manufacturer which has a Canadian dealer in Paris, Ontario. The equipment label gives the date of manufacture as April 2010.

At 12.30 on a hazy, hot Sunday, there were no children at the playground -- just one elderly woman sitting on a swing. The surfacing is deep sand, and there is no accessible swing or other notably accessible feature.

The playground is beside a school.

Photos: August 15, 2010

generic Stimulus Fund signage

four belt swings (short) and two baby swings

One-of-a-kind wooden park sign

Playpower structure

Senior and junior structure joined

deep sand, not accessible for wheelchairs or strollers

swing chains twist short swings even shorter

park has many beautiful trees

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