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Pellatt Parkette Gametime

Address: 325 Pellatt Ave, map

Recreational Infrastucture agreement:

Rationale describing the specific problems or objectives this project will address: "SERVICE IMPROVEMENT AND ENHANCEMENT- This project will replace the current low play-value/ less challenging playground equipment with modern multi-task structures that will provide greater physical challenges and better social interaction." Read more >>

Playground history (incomplete)

Pellatt Park playground maintenance history

Stimulus-fund playground spending:
Design and contract administration: $11,000
Construction: $49,085
Play equipment: $34,341
Total cost: $94,426. (Budget: $95,000)


August 10, 2010: This playground is not far from Pelmo Playground, at the tip of a dead-end street, backing onto mostly two-story houses, and some low industrial storage buildings. There is some tree planting, relieving the otherwise dreary park landscape. The play equipment, such as it is, is very poorly maintained (rusty) but solid. This is one of the only city playgrounds that seems to have had no sand added. It also has a Paris Playgrounds climber in it, a good old 1960s antique that is now seen only in forgotten, out-of-the-way parks.

It's hard to know where the kids would come from, who will play here, since the park is so small, plain, and out of the way. On a hot, hazy August afternoon, no park users were in sight.

Photos: August 18, 2010

generic Stimulus Funds signage

faded plastic slide, rusted but solid

swings, no sand underneath

good old "Paris Playgrounds" metal climber

small toddler climber in the background

one picnic table, warehouse in the background

mostly bungalows

High fence to cut off the houses
Photos: October 10, 2010

All the equipment has been removed, the hole is ready

On a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon, other than the photographer's grand-daughter, there is no one in this little square of grass. She wanted to go to a playground. But she finds some dandelions to play with, so all is not lost.

October 21, 2013

All the new equipment is in. No one in the playground. Many signs listing rules, though.

GameTime equipment has many stickers attached altogether. This is one row:

This play equipment is designed for children age 2 to 5 or 5 to 12. Adult supervision is recommended.

Then the same text in Spanish (no French). Then:


Avoid hard surfacing. Installation over a hard surface such as concrete, asphalt, or packed earth may result in serious injury or death from falls.

Remove drawstrings. Children have died when drawstrings on their clothing caught on slides or other playground equipment. Remove drawstrings from children’s clothing before children play on a playground. Remove scarves and mittens connected through the sleeves.

Check for Hot Surfaces. Playground equipment and surfacing placed in direct sunlight may reach temperatures high enough to cause serious contact burn injuries to bare skin. Parents, guardians, and supervisors should check for hot surfaces before allowing young children to play.

Supervise Helmet Use. Children have been strangled and died when wearing helmets while using playground equipment. Parents, guardians, and supervisors should not allow children to play on playground equipment wearing helmets.

Then the same text in Spanish

benches in a straight line or facing away from each other

no loitering, no boisterous behaviour, etc. etc.

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