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Lord Roberts Woods Henderson

Address: 155 Lord Roberts Drive, map

Recreational Infrastucture agreement:

Rationale describing the specific problems or objectives this project will address: "SERVICE IMPROVEMENT AND ENHANCEMENT- This project will replace the current low play-value/ less challenging playground equipment with modern multi-task structures that will provide greater physical challenges and better social interaction." Read more >>

Playground history (incomplete)

Lord Roberts Woods Park playground maintenance history

Most recent playground spending:
Site work, paving of path, signage: $34,144
Supply and install playground equipment: $49,515
Total cost: $83,659 (budget: $95,000)


August 15, 2010: The park is a little piece of forest near railway tracks, a high-voltage power corridor, north of Eglinton between Kennedy and Midland Avenues. The neighbourhood is mainly one-story 1960s-era houses. The park backs onto houses but is so close to thick woods that when it is deserted -- as it was on a sunny August Sunday -- it can be a bit frightening for a visitor.

No washrooms, nor water. But there is shade, and the paths into the woods look like they may be fertile roads to children's imagination.

The original belt-swing frame is there but the number of swings have been reduced from six to four. The chains are still long enough that swinging could be fun. One of the original Metal Paris Playgrounds climbers is still in the playground, plus a newer Blue Imp slide that's common in Scarborough.

Photos: August 15, 2010

path into the park, with generic Stimulus Funds signs

one bench, to sit and watch

a large primary school right next door

quiet street across from the park

Park entry: "if you go into the woods, today...."

original "Paris Playgrounds" metal climber

"Blue Imp" plastic slide...

...date tag torn off

original swing frame, needs paint

the mysterious dark forest right next to the old bench
April 22, 2011

new installation

swings not up yet, no benches except for the single old one
October 21, 2013

little forest by the park sign

swings are still there, but shorter

Henderson playground structure

still the same old unpainted single bench

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