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Leaside KSL Design

Address:5 Leaside Park Dr, map

Playground history (incomplete)

Leaside Park playground maintenance history

Stimulus fund playground spending:
Design and contract administration: $16,213
Paving and other surfaces: $80,000
New senior playground structure: $90,000
Total cost: $186,213 (Budget: $176,000)


July 2010: Leaside playground was recommended for repairs/upgrades costing $10,196 in 2001 (that was the amount specified in the "Asset Management Program"). Instead, four years later, in 2005, it got a new playground costing $69,200. Now in 2010, their playground is getting at least another $100,000, again as part of the "Asset Management Program."

This is the only playground in this list that was funded through a different Stimulus program. The funds were requested by the capital projects manager even though it was not on the playground "enhancement" list for either 2010 or 2011. Only $66,000 of that comes from the Federal government -- the remaining $34,000 comes from the City.

The playground has deep sand and is not wheelchair-accessible.

The Thorncliffe Park Women's Committee has raised serious questions about this project.

Photos July 2010

Leaside playground -- beside a non-functioning wading pool

Henderson playground structure, 2005?

swimming pool in background

socializing, in the playground

overgrown sandbox
October 21, 2013

The perfectly good and relatively new Henderson play structure that was here before 2010 has been moved to the nearby RV Burgess Park, which had no play structure, and then a brand new KSL structure was installed in the empty place where the Henderson playground had stood. Certainly one of the strangest episodes in the Stimulus Project -- a bit like digging a hole and filling it in again.

far view, another version of the old one

closeup view, KSL play-store

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