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Ben Nobleman Gametime

Address: 1075 Eglinton Ave West, map

Recreational Infrastucture agreement:

Rationale describing the specific problems or objectives this project will address: "SERVICE IMPROVEMENT AND ENHANCEMENT- This project will replace the current low play-value/ less challenging playground equipment with modern multi-task structures that will provide greater physical challenges and better social interaction." Read more >>

Playground history

Ben Nobleman Park playground maintenance history

Stimulus-fund playground spending:
Design and contract administration: $25,000
Construction (fencing, excavation, etc.): $$34,000
Playground or Waterplay equipment: $$76,000
Play surfacing: $26,000
Total cost: $161,000 (Budget $95,000)


August 21, 2010: The playground is brand new. On a hazy but warm August afternoon, there were three nannies/babysitters and two dads in the park with very young children. The equipment is from Gametime (Alabama), and it labels some of the structures for ages "5 to 12," but it seems unlikely that kids that old would use them much. The playground is wheelchair-accessible with a special swing, wood-fibre surfacing, and asphalt paths near the equipment.

No washrooms, but very close to Eglinton (across from the subway entrance), so it may not be too hard to find a place with a public washroom. The park is a centre for a local voluntary fruit growing and gardening group called Growing for Green (their very informative website is communityorchard.ca).

Photos August 21, 2010:

generic Stimulus Funds signage

"Gametime" playground

The park is right on Eglinton Ave.

"all ages" -- but too simple for most older kids

accessible swing, wood fibre surface

new benches along asphalt path

plastic for climbing and balancing

poor maintenance of older park furniture

sand play area with plastic chair

spring loaded tap, no pails to catch the water

newly planted fruit trees

fruit prep table

concrete shed for fruit supplies

detailed danger labels

"all ages" -- NOT

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