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Park Bake Ovens

Why bake ovens? Over the years, CELOS has found that these small brick or cob structures bring forth delicious pizzas, bread, and new friendships. They are also a magnet for stories of distant places, for community gatherings, and regulations. The following sections present the stories, photos, journal entries, newspaper articles, policies, and other documents that CELOS has collected about bake ovens.

Bake Ovens In Toronto

Regulatory Challenges

Guest Baker Project

Thorncliffe Tandoor Oven Project

Temporary Ovens

Bake Oven Links

Bake Ovens Gallery

Community engagement example: park bake ovens

Mabelle Arts oven

To Kelvin Seow, recreation manager, Toronto/East York, April 15 2010

Hello Kelvin,

Thank you for sending me the responses to my oven questions. Last night I forwarded your e-mail to the oven users who were copied on my original questions, and I got corrections from three people this morning. The corrections are in red, in the attachment called "Kelvin Seow reply."

As a summary, two main concerns:

1. there are important factual differences between the responses in your e-mail and the accounts of the people who actually got the ovens built and use them 2. the process of non-consultative policy development or review by PFR staff, re the ovens, is evidently going on as before, now in its third year: Draft policy.

Kelvin Seow Oven Questions Reply

Stonegate chronology

The Toronto Star, May 21, 2010: Porter: Why is it so hard to get city permission for a bake oven in a park?

Alexandra Park Oven Letter

Alexandra Park oven May 29 2009

Dufferin Grove oven 2002

Christie Pits oven

Riverdale Farm oven

Other Toronto public ovens, not in parks:

The Stop Community Food Centre oven

Green Barn oven August 2010

Jeff Connell in front of the Woodlot oven
Guest baking

Yo Utano is the Dufferin Grove guest baker, hoping to bake for one day at each Toronto bake oven before the year is out. The first guest gig is on Dec.4, at Riverdale Farm, for their annual "Home for the Holidays" event. Yo will be the baking assistant to Jeff Connell, and there's a preparatory meeting at Jeff's new restaurant, The Woodlot.

Food policy overview-Sharing food in public space, by Anna Bekerman

March 2010 Dufferin Park newsletter: CITY POLICIES AND COMMUNITY BAKE-OVENS

On The Road

Parks and Rec and their NO's


Permanent Bake ovens

Alexandra Park

Christie Pits

Lawrence Heights

Dufferin Grove Park

Riverdale Park

The Green Barns

The Stop Community Food Centre

Temporary Bake ovens

Bell Manor Park

Bishop Tutu Housing Co-op

Broadlands Rink

Crombie Park

Innis College

Lakeshore Park

RV Burgess Park

St. Lawrence N. Farmers Market

Susan Tibaldi Park

Withrow Park

New York oven gallery

Dufferin park

Dufferin Grove Park oven 2008

Withrow Park

Temporary Bake Oven - Withrow Park 2007

Queen Street West

Queen Street West Park Oven site
temporary oven just visible at the left, 2005.

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