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Community engagement example: park bake ovens

Mabelle Arts oven

To Kelvin Seow, recreation manager, Toronto/East York, April 15 2010

Hello Kelvin,

Thank you for sending me the responses to my oven questions. Last night I forwarded your e-mail to the oven users who were copied on my original questions, and I got corrections from three people this morning. The corrections are in red, in the attachment called "Kelvin Seow reply."

As a summary, two main concerns:

1. there are important factual differences between the responses in your e-mail and the accounts of the people who actually got the ovens built and use them 2. the process of non-consultative policy development or review by PFR staff, re the ovens, is evidently going on as before, now in its third year: Draft policy.

Kelvin Seow Oven Questions Reply

Stonegate chronology

The Toronto Star, May 21, 2010: Porter: Why is it so hard to get city permission for a bake oven in a park?

Alexandra Park Oven Letter

Alexandra Park oven May 29 2009

Dufferin Grove oven 2002

Christie Pits oven

Riverdale Farm oven

Other Toronto public ovens, not in parks:

The Stop Community Food Centre oven

Green Barn oven August 2010

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