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posted February 18, 2008

User fee recommendations reduced:

From the minutes of the Feb.11 Budget Committee meeting

The following 2008 Budget Adjustments be approved: 20 Budget Committee February 11, 2008 Decision Document (see item BU26.23, page 19)

1. That the recommended average increase of 21% over the 3% inflation-adjusted 2008 fee rates for recreation user fees and permits be reduced to an average of 5% over the 3% inflation-adjusted 2008 recreation and permit fee rates to support the base budget shortfall in Park, Forestry and Recreation, with all free permit policies and discount rate structures remaining in effect.

2. The User Fee Revenues included in the Parks, Forestry & Recreation Recommended 2008 Operating Budget be reduced by $4.164 million resulting in a revised 2008 Recommended Net Operating Budget of $239.658 million.

See the City Hall document: 2008 user fees adopted by City Council March 31 2008 (pdf)

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