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Notes for March 1 meeting

Move the discussion from the hypothetical to the practical
Move the discussion from the meeting rooms to the neighbourhoods

Pushback from Fire Chief

Email Dec.23 2019, from Toronto Fire to Councillor Ana Bailao re Building Code Commission decision re 349 Manning: From deputy fire chief Jim Jessup to Toronto Building head Will Johnston: "This is very concerning…I suggest we discuss in the new year as we will need a mechanism for these addresses to be identified to TFS so that we can flag in our CAD for responding fire fighters."

Toronto Fire is in a unique position because they have so much down time, can try things e.g. going along laneways to test the access -- the comment by Jessup about paying special attention to 349 Manning is interesting -- YES they can be part of the research for "mechanisms" to make this work but they need to work together with residents.

Relevant information:

Fire Drill

Most recent information on Open Data: Garage fires, 2011 to 2016. Total garage fires: 214. Deaths: 0. Injuries (unspecified): 5.

In 2013, the city hired a consultant to do a service efficiency review of Toronto Fire and EMS. It's remarkable. They found that in the sample year of 2011:
- 58% of all responses by the fire service were to medical calls,
- 4% were to alarms
- 1.4% were to fires.

For the fire station at Dufferin and Dupont, 2011 had a total of 20 fires.

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Building Code Commission, July 2019, about the 1 meter gap rule.


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