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September 2009, 22 e-mails

September 1, 2009, 1 e-mail
SR. wrote:

Can you let West Diamond Leaders know what you are currently experiencing?

We have had some complaints from individuals about work past 4 p.m., about very early and very persistent horns from GO trains and about the diesel explosion noise and vibration.

Please post information about your recent experiences with the West Diamond project.

September 2, 2009, 2 e-mails
L. P. wrote:

This week, there've been 5 piledrivers behind my house, three of them almost

directly behind it. Sometimes three of them are going at once. Arrrrgh!

N. A. wrote:

I ran into Kathryn Hanford late last week and asked why it's been so crazy noisy for the last little while. She said they were finishing up the centre-piles on the South side of the tracks and had all the machines over on this side for the effort. She said they're on schedule to be almost completely done with piledriving near Hook Ave by the end of September, at which point the piledriving moves North of the East/West line.

This will bring a welcome reduction in volume & vibrations to those of us on Hook Ave from here on out; but things will get worse for those on Miller/Lindner/Davenport/Old Weston.

September 5, 2009, 1 e-mail.

Mark your calendars!

The HUMAN TRAIN FOR CLEAN AIR will roll through communities along the tracks on
Saturday, September 26, 2009

Plan now to hop on board the Human Train to send a message to Premier McGuinty that he must act now to scrap plans to run hundreds of polluting diesel trains a day through our neighbourhoods, and direct Metrolinx to use only clean, quiet electric trains for any expansion of rail traffic along the Georgetown corridor.

The Route of the Human Train

  • The Human Train will get rolling in Weston at 8:30 am with “Whistle Stops” in a number of communities along the way.
  • The Human Train will arrive in Sorauren Park at 1:00 pm for the Main Rally of the day!
  • At 2:30, the Human Train will leave Sorauren Park for a parade through Queen West.
  • Further details on times and locations will be coming soon!

We urge everyone from every neighbourhood to join us at SORAUREN PARK for the main event at 1:00 pm. We will all gather together in the largest park beside the railway tracks to demonstrate the strength of our demand that the provincial government ensure that only clean public transit is built in our city.

Here’s how YOU can help.

1. Volunteer to help get the word out about the Human Train.

Contact info@cleantrain.ca. Let us know what neighbourhood you are in. Volunteers are needed for leafleting, postering, making signs, and helping to organize events.

2. Bring people with you on September 26th.

Talk to your family, friends and neighbours about the event and bring them with you on September 26. Talk it up! Phone around and use your networks and email lists to spread the word. All aboard for what promises to be a very exciting day!

3. Make a financial contribution.

There are a lot of expenses involved with organizing a Human Train. You can help by sending a cheque made out to the Clean Train Coalition, c/o 1974 Weston Road, Weston ON M9N 1W2.

Promotional materials for the Human Train will be available soon.

If you have any questions or want to join the Human Train organizing and outreach effort, contact us today at info@cleantrain.ca.

We will only win this fight if we all join in so we look forward to hearing from you!

Help get the word out - get your neighbours to sign up to http://www.cleantrain.ca

September 8, 2009, 3 e-mails
From: Ministry of the Environment

Thank you for your e-mail to the Minister of the Environment in which you raised an objection about Metrolinx’s proposed Georgetown South Service Expansion and Union-Pearson Rail Link Project. I am pleased to reply on behalf of the Minister.

Metrolinx has been proceeding through the transit project assessment process, set out in Ontario Regulation 231/08, Transit Projects and Greater Toronto Transportation Authority Undertakings (Transit Regulation). On July 30, 2009, Metrolinx published its Notice of Completion of its Environmental Project Report (EPR) and supporting technical studies. Following the issuance of the Notice of Completion, members of the public had a 30-day opportunity, which ended on August 31, 2009, to submit an objection to the Minister.

The Minister can exercise the options of issuing a notice allowing Metrolinx to proceed with the project, issuing a notice requiring Metrolinx to further consider the project, or can attach conditions to the project if, in his opinion, the transit project may have a negative impact on a matter of provincial importance that relates to the natural environment or a cultural heritage value or interest. The Minister may also consider matters that have a negative impact on a constitutionally protected Aboriginal or treaty right. The Minister is able to exercise these options no later than 35 days after the end of the public review period of the EPR.

Staff at this ministry and other relevant government agencies will review the issues and concerns you have cited as reasons for your objection. The concerns forming the basis of your objection have also been forwarded to Metrolinx, as the proponent of the project, so that it can provide any additional information it believes will assist the ministry in its review of your objection. This information will be considered by the Minister when making a decision on whether to issue a notice requiring further consideration of the project or attaching conditions to the project. You will be notified in writing of the Minister’s decision once it has been made.

Please note that the Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch maintains a public file that is available for viewing by any member of the public upon request. Personal and other information in your letter such as name, address, and telephone number and your concerns with this project will form a part of the public record on this matter. If you wish this information to be excluded from the public file, this branch must be advised, within 15 days. Notwithstanding the above, this information may still be obtained by members of the public if the ministry is required to disclose it under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Should you have further questions please contact Ms. Alissa Sugar, Special Project Officer of this branch, at 416-314-8311 by e-mail at alissa.sugar@ontario.ca.

Thank you for bringing your concerns to the attention of this ministry.

F. D. wrote:

Hello! No doubt by now you’ve heard all about the Human Train for Clean Air March that is taking place on Sept 26th, from Weston to Queen West. I’m helping to coordinate volunteers for the Sorauren Park “Whistle Stop” of this march. Want to get involved? Below is a list of our volunteer needs and the people to contact if you’re interested. It’s going to be a great event, and lots of fun, and we welcome everyone, kids and adults, to participate.

Please forward this message to anyone you think might like to help. We’re also still looking for food, drinks and craft supplies, so if you’re able to donate some, let me know at farzanadoctor@rogers.com

Volunteer Needs for Sorauren Park Whistle Stop of the Human Train for Clean Air March


Flyering and distributing drop cards in Brockton, Sorauren and Roncey areas (various dates, including Sept 19/20 at the Polish Festival on Roncesvalles): 10 people needed. Contact lancedixon@rogers.com for details and schedules.

At the event:

Volunteers will be needed from about 12:30pm-2:30pm on Sept 26th. Contact farzanadoctor@rogers.com to sign up, or for more info.

Note: for most of these volunteer tasks, you will be matched up with coordinators of the “station” or task, and so you will only have to “turn up” and you’ll be shown what to do. It’ll be fun! We promise!

Children’s craft station: 4 people needed.

Poster and t-shirt making station: 3 people needed

Visual “postcards” to the Premier station: 1 person needed

Set up and take down (of tents, tables etc): 5 people needed (note, we’ll need you to arrive at noon)

Info table: 2 people needed

Fundraising (walking around with a coin can): 2 people needed

Driver/gopher (helping us pick up items and then take them back): 2 people needed (note, we’ll need you to arrive at noon)

Marshalls: 2 people needed

Greeters (distribute flyers at the main entrances to the park): 3 people needed

Videographer: one person needed

C. U. wrote:

I live at Hook Ave., in close proximity to the West Diamond project and in speaking to my next door neighbour at 29 he has experienced rats coming into his back yard over the last few weeks and has had to set out traps. I witnessed 2 rats dead in his bin last week . He has expressed that they seem to be travelling east to west along the laneway behind us which is south on Watkinson and Hook Ave. and runs to Indian Grove. (He also spotted a mink running down this pathway if that has anything to do with displacement of animals due to noise and construction). Of upmost importance is the rat spottings as these were also noticed at the initiation of this project as well as 2 months ago and reported to MRC in the same vicinity and our neighourhood .

We would like to know what is going to be done or if there are any plans to control vermin infestation in our neighbourhood.

September 9, 2009, 1 e-mail
From: Clean Train Coalition

On September 26th the HUMAN TRAIN will roll through communities along the tracks to send a message to Premier McGuinty: No dirty diesels in our neighbourhoods. We want clean electric trains now!

Here is how you can help!

1. Leaflet door-to-door. We are “dropping” our literature in mailboxes, not knocking on doors. You can help!

Call the people you know who care about the health of our communities, and encourage them to come with you to the Human Train Volunteers Open House.


Friday, September 11th, 7 - 9 pm

Sorauren Park Fieldhouse

Wabash Avenue just east of Sorauren

(Sorauren runs south from Dundas St. W., west of Lansdowne)

Pick up leaflets, posters, and a route for you to cover!

Get plugged into the campaign to publicize the Human Train!!!

Please RSVP to info@cleantrain.ca. If you can’t make it but do want to help, let us know and we’ll make other arrangements.

2. Spread the word. Use your personal email and phone lists to invite friends, family and neighbours to attend the Human Train Event.

3. Be there on September 26 and bring people with you. Plan to attend as a group! Wear Clean Train blue!

4. Make a financial contribution.

There are a lot of expenses involved with organizing a HUMAN TRAIN. You can help by sending a cheque to the Clean Train Coalition, c/o 1974 Weston Road, Weston ON M9N 1W2.

Can you walk the Human Train distance?

Walkers are needed to help form the Human Train starting in Weston!

Most of us will join along the way – but a core of sturdy walkers is needed to walk the distance! For more information, please contact gmiedema@hotmail.com.

September 10, 2009, 1 e-mail
C. B. wrote:

Hi I seen a rat this morning coming from under neath my veranda and went under 23 hook's veranda. I have called the number for public health below and they gave me this number to call 416-338-0800. They took all my information and said would get back to me. When I called them a couple of months ago, they said they would get back to me and never did. So I'll wait a few days and see what happens and I will keep calling.

September 13, 2009
From: Mike Sullivan

Dear Friends,

Many thanks for all the notes sent to the Minister of the Environment. I reviewed the file at their offices, and I think about 700 people sent in objections. The Coalition objection, and the Clean Train Objection, are on our website (www.westoncommunitycoalition.ca) The minister’s staff are reviewing the objections, asking for replies from Metrolinx, and will advise the minister in time for him to make a decision by the Oct 4 deadline. In addition, the Toronto Medical Officer of Health has objected, as has the Toronto District School board. Once again copies are on our website. We have forwarded the objections to all the politicians along the route.

Metrolinx has now officially refused a request from our MPP and our councillor for a public meeting. Ms. Albanese and Ms. Nunziata had asked for a public meeting in April, and finally got the NO from Metrolinx in September. We hope that they will call a public meeting in Weston anyway, without Metrolinx’s presence. We urge you all to phone your MPP and MP and councillor and demand it.

HUMAN TRAIN – A Neighbourhood by Neighbourhood event – Saturday Sept 26 – 9 am in Weston, 1 pm in Sorauren Park.

The Clean Train Coalition has planned a walk along the rail corridor (on the streets adjacent), through each neighbourhood affected, gathering in Sorauren Park before walking to Trinity Bellwoods Park en masse. The walk will start at the GO station in Weston at 9 am (gather at 8:30) and walk to and through all the neighbourhoods along the way. A flyer is enclosed. You can come along from Weston (or other points along the route) or join us at Sorauren Park at 1, or at Trinity Bellwoods at 2:30. All are very welcome. We hope that many, many people demonstrate their concern with this big public display. For more info see the flyer, or the Clean Train Coalition Website (www.cleantrain.ca). And please feel free to forward the flyer to your own networks of friends and colleagues. The back of the flyer explains the issue.

September 14, 2009
Clean Train Coalition

Only 12 more days!

On Saturday, September 26th, the HUMAN TRAIN will roll through communities in the west end along the Union Station to Georgetown tracks to send a message to Premier McGuinty:


Right now, the most critical need is to build awareness of the event.

That’s happening as you read. Media is showing interest. And this past Friday night, volunteers from Weston to Liberty Village lined up to pick up 6,000 flyers, 500 posters, and about 2,000 drop cards for distribution in carefully mapped areas along the rail corridor. Thanks to everyone who came out!

To ensure that as many people as possible hear about the HUMAN TRAIN, we have included the flyer and FAQ as an attachment to make it easy to send to your contacts. Along with a poster, the flyer and FAQs are also available on our website. Print some of each and distribute them in your neighbourhood, at your school, wherever you live, work, or play. Put posters on your local hydro poles. Spread the word. THE HUMAN TRAIN IS COMING!

If you would prefer to pick up a stack of printed flyers or posters to distribute, please contact: nodiesels@yahoo.com.

Join the walk at your closest “whistle stop” (see attached files or www.cleantrain.ca for details), or join a core group walking the whole route of the HUMAN TRAIN. If you would like to walk all the way from Weston to Queen West, or if you’re able to volunteer, please email info@cleantrain.ca and we’ll be in touch with you.

Everyone from every neighbourhood is urged to come to SORAUREN PARK for the main event at 1:00 pm. We will all gather together in the largest park beside the railway tracks to welcome the HUMAN TRAIN and to demonstrate the strength of our demand that Metrolinx drop its diesel agenda and move immediately to the use of electric trains.

In Sorauren Park we will refuel the HUMAN TRAIN with beautiful music and inspiring words from representatives from every community along the tracks. Finally the HUMAN TRAIN, swelled with the addition of the crowd gathered in Sorauren Park, will march through the streets to Queen West.


September 16, 2009
D. A. wrote:

Hello Everyone;

Do you live in Gerard Kennedy's riding?

Then plan to attend his community meeting on Thursday, September 17th, 7:00 pm, at the May Robinson Auditorium, 20 West Lodge Avenue, one block east of Lansdowne, north of Queen.

Let Mr. Kennedy know that you expect him to represent your interests and ensure that there is no increase in diesel train traffic along the Georgetown rail corridor. Tell Mr. Kennedy you want him to stand up and say NO to 450 dirty diesel trains a day running through our community, and YES to immediate electrification of the rail corridor.

Please forward to all your networks, especially those living in Parkdale-High Park.

all the best;

September 18, 2009
From: Clean Train Coalition



On Saturday, September 26th the HUMAN TRAIN will roll through communities along the tracks to send a message to Premier McGuinty that he must act now to scrap plans to run hundreds of polluting diesel trains a day through our neighbourhoods, and direct Metrolinx to use only clean, quiet electric trains for any expansion of rail traffic along the Georgetown corridor.

THE PUSH IS ON and we need VOLUNTEERS to do a major blitz on getting the word out, as well as VOLUNTEERS on September 26th.

Already many of you have contributed your time and efforts to distribute over 10,000 flyers and help with organizing the event ...


Choose one or more of the volunteer roles listed below and send an email to info@cleantrain.ca to let us know which task or tasks can help out with. Thanks! We need all hands on deck for this one!



People to make sure the route of the Human Train is covered with posters.


People to make phone calls and send e-mails about the Human Train to organizations.


Teams of two or more people to leaflet Liberty Village Farmer's Market (Sunday 9am to 2pm), Dufferin Grove Farmer's Market (Thursday 3-7pm), Dundas West Subway, the Crossways, West Lodge, etc.



GREETERS (3 needed)

People to hand out materials to passersby.


People to move around the crowd collecting signatures for the Clean Train petition.

SET UP (3 needed)

People to help with set up. SHOULD ARRIVE BY NOON.

TEAR DOWN (5 needed)

People to help take down the stage, etc. when the Human Train leaves Sorauren Park.


POSTER MAKERS (1 more needed)

People to help make placards and signs.

If you want to be part of the team working hard to make the HUMAN TRAIN a success, please contact info@cleantrain.ca.

Help get the word out - get your neighbours to sign up to http://www.cleantrain.ca

From: Active 18 Association

Active 18 Supports the Clean Train Coalition's Initiative

"Clean Electric Trains Now"

Neighbours, Friends of West Queen West and Citizens of this City, come on out for the HUMAN TRAIN rally and march to send the message to Premier McGuinty.

The rally:
Saturday September 26th at 1pm.
Meet at Sorauren Park 1 pm

Then march:
through West Queen West to Trinity Bellwoods Park.
Expect a surprise at the park.

Bring your family, friends, neighbours.
Make a banner, bring noisemakers
Wear something in "Clean Train" blue.

The message:
Premier McGuinty, the plan to send 450 toxic diesel trains per day through our communities is an outrage. This plan is completely out of step with current environmental awareness and values. It is a threat to human health.

Electric trains are cleaner and quieter and have been in use in thousands of communities around the world for decades. It is time that you step in and exercise your authority by directing Metrolinx to scrap its diesel agenda and move immediately to the use of electric trains.

For more information: www.cleantrain.ca

We hope to see you at the rally,
Active 18 Association

D. S. wrote:

Hi neighbours, I am making an $875 million diesel white elephant for the Human Train on Saturday, September 26th. This elephant represents the ridiculous nature of this Metrolinx project, and its future negative health affects on our neighbourhoods.

If you can wear white, carry a white umbrella (or a light elephant head), and march in formation from Sorauren to Queen West, I need you! We will meet at 11:30 am at Sorauren to practice, and finish around 3pm at Trinity Bellwoods. I need three more people.

I will be at MacGregor Park tomorrow, Saturday (on Lansdowne, between College and Bloor), making the elephant head from 12-5 pm if you would like to swing by and volunteer, or email me privately through this email. Serious enquiries only :>).

For lots more information, go to http://railroadedbymetrolinx.blogspot.com/ Thanks!

September 23, 2009
From: Clean Train Coalition




Join concerned citizens from acrossToronto this Saturday as we march through communities along the tracks to send a message to Premier McGuinty that he must direct Metrolinx to use only clean, quiet electric trains for any expansion of rail traffic along the Georgetown corridor.

This is your opportunity to register your opposition to the province's plan to run over 450 diesel trains through west Toronto neighbourhoods. Minister of the Environment, John Gerretsen, has until October 4thto accept or reject Metrolinx' Environmental Assessment. Come out this Saturday to add your voice to the growing chorus demanding modern transit and clean air in our communities.


The Human Train will get rolling in Weston at 8:30 am with Whistle Stops in a number of communities along the way. See the Human Train flyer at http://www.cleantrain.ca/downloads.php for times and locations of local stops.

At 1:00 pm, the Human Train arrives in Sorauren Park for the Main Rally of the day!

At 2:30, the Human Train will leave Sorauren Park for a parade down Lansdowne to Queen and west along Queen to Trinity Bellwoods.

No matter where you join the Human Train or how far you walk, we urge everyone from every neighbourhood to join us at SORAUREN PARK at 1:00 pm for the main event.

We will all gather together in the largest park beside the railway tracks to demonstrate the strength of public opposition to running diesel trains through heavily populated areas, and strong support for clean, quiet, modern electric trains.

This is an event for all ages, with music, placard painting, arts & crafts, street theatre, and a roster of passionate speakers including:Toronto's Medical Officer of Health, Dr. David McKeown, MPP Cheri Di Novo, TDSB Trustee Irene Atkinson, and Toronto Councillor Gord Perks.

Join musicians,Oh Susanna and Sho, Mo and the Monkey Bunch on stage at Sorauren Park, and then march with Gary Diggins and the GTA drummers as the Human Train leaves Sorauren Park for a parade through Queen West.

Start close to home and walk as much of the route as you can, but wherever you live, join everyone for the main event at Sorauren Park at 1:00 pm.

Contact info@cleantrain.ca if youd like to walk the entire route from Weston to Queen West. Also need volunteers to be part of some street theatre - the Metrolinx White Elephant Train.

Bring your family, friends and neighbours! Make a banner, bring noisemakers (musical instruments, hand-made drums, whistles) and wear something Clean Train blue.


F. D. wrote:

Hope to see you all out this Saturday! Bring a noisemaker (musical instrument, home-made or otherwise)...and maybe an umbrella. We hope this event will be huge, and we need your help to get everyone out!

Come walk the entire route, or join us at Sorauren Park where Sho, Mo and Monkey Gang play at 1pm (complete with 500 bananas!) and Oh Susanna is on after. Gary Diggins and his drummers will lead us out of the park on our parade to Queen and Bellwoods.

C. J. wrote:

I'll be there in spirit. Wish I could come but I'm working at Beadle. I hope someone will video tape some of it and post it on the net or perhaps it will be on the news. Wouldn't that be something.

September 24, 2009
L. M. wrote:

HI there I am forwarding this from Elizabeth Littlejohn who is part of the CTC.

Hi puppeteers, I have made a big, white elephant to lead the Human Train Parade on Saturday, September 26th at Sorauren Park. The elephant is designed with a large, papier mache head, and its body is 4 umbrellas with pollutants written on them.

I am looking for 4 people to wear mostly white, and carry these umbrellas to be the body, and one person to carry the head. The $875 million elephant will be introduced at the end of the speeches at Sorauren by a ringmaster, and will be a really fun performance piece.

We will then walk in a group from Sorauren Park to Queen Street West as part of the Human Train Parade, organized by the Clean Train Coalition. This elephant will be the visual metaphor for the Metrolinx Rail Expansion, its diesel waste, and raining pollutants.

If you would like to get involved, and can be part of this performance piece from 1:30-3:30 this Saturday, please email me at histrung@gmail.com

Thanks so much - I would love to have you on board the Human Train and be the big White Elephant!

For much more info, please go to http://railroadedbymetrolinx.blogspot.com, and http://www.cleantrain.ca <http://www.cleantrain.ca/>

September 25, 2009
C. K. wrote:

Sorry for the mass e-mail. However, time is of the essence and I must get the word out about the Human Train! This is exciting! Lots of great things planned! Musicians. Children's activities. Inspiring speeches. This is going to be fun! This is community in action for a great cause! We need you!

Please read a recent Clean Train Coalition e-newsletter, along with the attached poster and FAQ sheet. This is a reminder that this is a family-friendly event. Bring your children. Strollers and slings are welcome. Bring your dogs. Routes are wheelchair accessible. Bring your soundmakers. If you're a cyclist, come walk with us or walk your bike.

Here, I've included various ways you can help:

a) Send donations to cover everything from printing costs to arts and craft supplies:

Clean Train Coalition

The Human Train

c/o Squibb's Stationers est 1927

1974 Weston Road

Weston, ON M9N 1W2

b) Gather a team of walkers

c) Choose a whistle stop and walk

d) Let us know how many are walking and from where to where. Contact info@cleantrain.ca

e) Wear signs or t-shirts that say “________ needs clean trains!”. Fill in the blank with the name of your business, organization, school, club, family, athletes, runners, cancer patients, people with asthma, etc.

f) You can print some flyers and posters from our website (www.cleantrain.ca). Contact nodiesels@yahoo.com for routes and/or flyers. Please distribute.

g) Send this e-mail to all your contacts (e-mail, newsletters, facebook, twitter, blogs, etc.). Let us know so we can track this. info@cleantrain.ca and catherinekormendy@hotmail.com

h) Add the Human Train (www.cleantrain.ca) as a link to your website. Let us know and we'll do the same.

i) Let us know which businesses and organizations you've contacted so we can avoid doubling up. Contact catherinekormendy@hotmail.com

j) My partner, Gary Diggins, is facilitating a sound/drum circle at Sorauren Park and will also be leading the March to Queen West. Please bring small soundmakers and join in the fun!

k) Volunteer for the Human Train. We need a tonne of help beforehand and on the 26th. Contact info@cleantrain.ca.

l) Let us know other ideas you have at info@cleantrain.ca

I would greatly appreciated it if you could let me know how you've decided to participate. Thank you in advance for helping to make the Human Train a big success!

All aboard,

September 26, 2009
F. D. wrote:

Human Train today! Rain or shine

Hi Everyone, Hope to see you out today, rain or shine. We’ve borrowed a number of tent canopies to shield us just in case! Come show your opposition to 450 diesels passing through our neighbourhoods and be part of the movement demand electrification of the rail line!

Join us at 1pm at Sorauren Park. There will be activities for adults and kids, as well as entertainment from Sho, Mo and the Monkey Bunch and Oh Susanna! Then march with us to Trinity Bellwoods (for all or part of the walk).

For the full poster and details, see http://www.cleantrain.ca

September 30, 2009
J. W. wrote:

I'm putting out a search for anyone who lives near, and is affected by, the pile-driving that's going on just north of Dupont at the moment. If you know of anyone in that situation (like someone living on Osler for instance) could you give them my em or phone (416-203-0447) of pass their info on to me. I'd like to talk to them about their experience for the film I'm doing.

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