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October 2009, 15 e-mails

October 2, 2009
From: Clean Train Coalition


The Human Train on Saturday, September 26th was a resounding success. Over a thousand people came out to show their support for the electrification of the Georgetown corridor, and it made for a truly inspiring day. We owe thanks to all who helped us out, donating money, equipment, or materials. And we also want to thank all the volunteers who offered their time. Without all of you, we couldn't have done it.

A special thanks to all the performers who entertained us along the way. Thanks to: Andrew Cash, Bell Hefferman, Sho, Mo and the Monkey Bunch, Oh Susanna, and Gary Diggins and the GTA Drummers.

If you took pictures of the event, we encourage you to send us an email at info@cleantrain.ca, or upload your pictures to flickr and tag them with the term "humantrain." A couple of albums already sent our way can be viewed here http://www.bettermail.ca/ct/242/88181/74253080/151cbc46787fbadaae9db9485001fb42 , and here http://www.bettermail.ca/ct/242/88181/74253081/151cbc46787fbadaae9db9485001fb42 . Also, some of our volunteers created this inspiring video petition using the cards signed at Sorauren Park. Check it out here http://www.bettermail.ca/ct/242/88181/74253082/151cbc46787fbadaae9db9485001fb42 . And if you missed the train, you can read about it in the Toronto Star http://www.bettermail.ca/ct/242/88181/74253083/151cbc46787fbadaae9db9485001fb42 , the Sun http://www.bettermail.ca/ct/242/88181/74253084/151cbc46787fbadaae9db9485001fb42 , and in NOW Magazine http://www.bettermail.ca/ct/242/88181/74253085/151cbc46787fbadaae9db9485001fb42 .

Here's an synopsis from a CTC member who walked the entire route:

We arrived at 8:30 at the Weston GO station just across the street from the Farmer's Market. Slowly, people started arriving until we were 50 strong. After a moving smudging ceremony by Shannon Thunderbird and a round of "This Train is Bound for Glory" by Andrew Cash, we set off down Weston Road, wearing t-shirts, carrying banners and handing out leaflets to passers-by. The mood was upbeat—we arrived at Mount Dennis, our first whistle stop, to a warm greeting by residents and politicians. After an enthusiastic rally, our numbers swelling to 80, we set off down Weston Road for the longest stretch of the walk. We arrived early at the Junction, where Bill Hefferman's band was in full swing, and a local coffee shop had coffee, tea and wonderful cookies waiting. After lunch, we headed down Dundas West, by now we were up to 150 people, and the spectacle of the Human Train generated honks of encouragement from vehicles and plenty of interest from people on the street. Four of Metro's finest appeared on bikes to control traffic and facilitate our progress for the rest of the march. At Dupont Street we cut over to the new West Toronto Rail Path and headed down the peaceful, post-industrial walk to the Wallace Street bridge. We were singing and chanting as we rounded a corner and, appearing in front of us, was a large crowd standing on and below the bridge, with drummers and local residents. After a short lemonade break, we picked up another 100 people and headed down to Dundas West for the walk to Sorauren Park. When we reached Bloor Street, the length of the Train was impressive, stretching over several city blocks. We made our way along Dundas and headed south on Sorauren where we were greeted by an incredible sight, a huge crowd of people, cheering us into the Park.

                                                                                                                                                   - D. D. A.

Thanks again everyone for a truly great day. It was a testament to what our communities are capable of.

CounterSpin - The Medical Officer of Health

Some of you may have received a leaflet in your mailboxes or read some recent press concerning the Medical Officer of Health's revised opinion. To be clear, in his statement to the Minister of the Environment dated September 16, 2009, the Medical Officer of health said “I remain concerned about the air quality impacts and increased health risks predicted for the immediately adjacent communities as a result of the proposed diesel expansion.” Dr. McKeown further stated “In my view, electrification is the option that most clearly addresses the air quality and health impacts predicted from the proposed project for populations adjacent to the line.”

Metrolinx has misrepresented McKeown's position, which is largely why he came out to speak at the Human Train Rally last Saturday. At the rally, Dr. McKeown dispelled any uncertainty or ambiguity concerning his professional opinion of this plan. He told the crowd that "any proposal now should pass a very stringent test before it goes forward. This proposal has not passed that test in my view.” He added, “The study, conducted by Metrolinx itself, indicates clearly that there will be impacts on air quality as well as health risks for those that live close to the line.”

Metrolinx continues to make efforts to influence public opinion. We received word last night that they have begun a telemarketing campaign, targeting the parents of children. We don't yet know what they have to say, but their campaign and the misleading leaflet which implied the Medical Officer of Health had recanted entirely is not only a misrepresentation of the facts; it is a gross waste of our taxpayer dollars. On the upside, these efforts demonstrate Metrolinx is feeling the heat. Don't believe the spin. Diesel exhaust is a known health hazard, period.

Going Forward

We expect to hear the ruling on the Environmental Assessment in the next few days. The government has the upper hand here, in that they must make a decision on or before Monday, and although we asked them to give us an indication of when this decision might come out, they refused to give us any advance warning. In these final days, we remain cautiously optimistic. We are asking people to call and email Dalton McGuinty and some key Ministers to drive home the message: "Electrify the Georgetown South Corridor prior to implementing expanded service!"

Please, take 5 minutes to call or email:

Dalton McGuinty
Tel: (416) 325-1941
dalton.mcguinty@ontario.ca, dmcguinty.mpp@liberal.ola.org, dmcguinty.mpp.co, http://www.bettermail.ca/ct/242/88181/74253086/151cbc46787fbadaae9db9485001fb42 @liberal.ola.org http://www.bettermail.ca/ct/242/88181/74253087/151cbc46787fbadaae9db9485001fb42

John Gerretsen, Minister of the Environment
Tel: (416) 314-6790

Jim Bradley, Minister of Transportation
Tel: (416) 327-9200

George Smitherman
Tel: (416) 327-6758

Keep your message short and to the point. We suggest:

"Premier, our children need clean air. Electrify the Georgetown Corridor Now!"

"Minister, demonstrate your commitment to Ontario's Green Agenda. Electrify the Georgetown Corridor!"

"We believe in clean, green, and modern transit. We demand electric trains!"

F. D. wrote:

A special call-out to all the Brockton neighbours who volunteered and participated in the Human Train last week! Make sure you check out E.’s (from Hickson Street) wonderful slide show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5mZFLV4nYc

D. S. wrote:

Metrolinx has hired a telemarketing company to ask homeowners' about the number of children in each household over the next couple of days. It is possible that this is because of concerns from the Minister of the Environment about the number of children in the rail corridor.

Now is the time to let Metrolinx's telemarketers know that all children, parks, daycare centers, seniors' residences, and schools are to be protected as the highest priority, not polluted by 464+ diesel trains daily through our neighbourhoods.

Do it once. Do it right. Go electric.

October 5 :
From: Clean Train Coalition

Despite public outcry, the Ontario Minister of the Environment announced today that he will approve Metrolinx’s Environmental Assessment of the provincial transit agency’s proposal to increase diesel traffic along the Georgetown rail corridor from the current 50 to over 450 diesel trains a day.

The Minister has stated that he will require Metrolinx to use cleaner "Tier 4" diesels at start of service or when they become commercially available. In fact, Tier 4 diesels do not yet exist, and there is no guarantee that they will exist when this rail expansion is implemented. It is also essential to keep in mind that, while Tier 4 diesel trains will be cleaner than earlier models, there is no such thing as clean diesel. The only truly clean rail service is electric.

The Minister’s decision stands in stark contrast to unequivocal statements by the Medical Officer of Health, the Board of Health, the Toronto District School Board, and Toronto City Council, all of whom have stated that expansion of this corridor using electric trains is the only way to protect the health of Toronto residents.

Please write or telephone Premier Dalton McGuinty and James Bradley, Minister of Transportation, TODAY, telling them that this decision is an outrage and that all expansion of traffic on the rail corridor must consist entirely of electric trains from the outset.

Premier Dalton McGuinty

Room 281, MainLegislativeBuilding, Queen's Park
Toronto, OntarioM7A 1A1

Tel 416-325-1941


Hon. James Bradley, Minister

Ministry of Transportation

3rd floor, Ferguson Block, 77 Wellesley St. E.

Toronto M7A 1Z8

Tel 416-327-9200


Please send copies of your emails to: goelectric@cleantrain.ca

Help get the word out - get your neighbours to sign up to http://www.cleantrain.ca

October 7
J. W. wrote:

My name is Jeff W. and I'm doing a documentary on the rail expansion and all the issues that surround it. I live in the Junction Triangle and would like to talk to people about their experience with the pile driving. If you are interested in meeting to talk about this, with the potential of going on camera with your story at some point, please get in touch with me. I can be contacted by email or phone at (...).

October 9
SRA wrote:

Good news!

The Canadian Transportation Agency finds that GO Transit is in breach of its obligation under section 95.1 of the Canada Transportation Act to cause only such noise and vibration as is reasonable, in relation to GO Transit's pile-driving activities at the West Toronto Diamond Read all about it: http://www.otc-cta.gc.ca/doc.php?did=2257&lang=eng

GO has 14 days to respond.

October 13, 2009
From: Mike Sullivan

Friends and Neighbours,

Much has happened.

Many thanks to the hundreds of you who took part in the Human Train event three weeks ago. It was a rousing success. Many walked the entire route from Weston, to Mount Dennis, to the Junction, to the Wallace Bridge, to Sorauren Park, and finally to Trinity Bellwoods. It made lots of press, and got the attention of the important folks at Queen’s Park, we hope.

While that was going on, Metrolinx was sending two leaflets to what we think was over 100,000 homes along the corridor. Those leaflets suggested that the Medical Officer of Health had reversed his opinion on the trains (not true) and that your health would be protected by Metrolinx’s plan (also not true). We are puzzled as to the extremely large expenditures of public money on these leaflets when the public comment period was long over. So we have formally complained to the Ombudsman of Ontario, André Marin. We are concerned with both the misleading content of the leaflets, and the fact that they were distributed at all, when they could not have any influence on the decision of the minister.

Finally we got the decision of the minister. He approved Metrolinx’s overall plan, with some conditions. Of course the most widely reported feature of his decision was the condition that they use only Tier 4 diesel engines. We have some concerns about that decision, mostly that it means spending scarce tax dollars on as yet unbuilt, more expensive technology, when the plan is to electrify the corridor shortly thereafter. But today we learned the most startling thing about his decision. He apparently didn’t mean to say ALL the trains in the corridor (though he did, and in writing, to us). Instead, only about 1/3 of the GO trains will be forced to be Tier 4. Apparently his decision only applies to the trains to Brampton and Georgetown, and the 200 odd trains going to Bradford and Milton are exempted. We will be consulting with our partners in the Clean Train Coalition about what to do next.

The minister did not ignore Weston. He said “I have also reminded Metrolinx of its requirement to meet the commitments set out in its

Environmental Project Report, including maintaining a train stop in Weston, implementing the tunneled portion of the rail way between Church Street and King Street and maintaining existing accessibility to Church Street and King Street in Weston.” However, that statement is not in the ‘conditions’ only in his letter. So it remains to be seen how that will play out.

Once again, many thanks to those of you who have helped out. The fight’s not over.

October 14, 2009
J. W. wrote:

As suggested at the Digin meeting tonight (my first!) I have joined up and am sending this to all the other members. My name is Jeff Winch and I'm a resident of the Junction Triangle. I'm in production on a documentary about the rail expansion that is happening in our area. I'm currently looking to talk with people who have first hand experience of the pile driving that is happening just north of Dupont (near Osler and Hook) and anyone who has had dealings with GO transit or Metrolinx. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information.

M. D. wrote:

Hallelujah! Thank you to the West Diamond Leaders group.

October 20, 2009
From: Clean Train Coalition

General Meeting - October 21

Join us for the next Clean Train Coalition general meeting - tomorrow evening (sorry for the late notice!). This is an opportunity for you to get an update on recent activities and for us all to work together on next steps and strategies. Join us!

Wednesday, October 21
7:00 - 9:00pm
Davenport Perth Neighbourhood Centre
1900 Davenport Road (just West of Symington)

TTC directions: From Dundas West subway station, take the 168 bus. From Spadina subway station, take the 127 bus.

R. wrote:


Tuesday 20 October 2009

Ms. Cheri DiNovo: My question is to the Minister of Transportation. Since January, GO Metrolinx’s West Toronto Diamond pile-driving project has been subjecting residents near the tracks to deafening noise and vibration. Last week, in condemnation of the pile-driving project, the Canadian Transportation Agency ruled “that the prolonged exposure to the local citizens to the noise and vibration generated from the pile-driving activities is unreasonable given the nature of the area in which the construction is taking place....”

Given this condemnation by a federal agency, will the minister now admit that the West Toronto Diamond pile driving is causing egregious harm to the residents?

Hon. James J. Bradley: I know that Gerard Kennedy, the federal member for the area, raised this matter with that particular body to which you make reference, the Canadian Transportation Agency. Mr. Kennedy has been vociferous in representing his constituents in this particular matter, something I appreciate so very much.

The Speaker (Hon. Steve Peters): Deal with provincial issues, not federal members, please.

Hon. James J. Bradley: Well, she asked a federal question. What you asked is a federal question.

The member for Parkdale–High Park and the member for Davenport have raised—many people have raised this issue. GO Transit has taken many actions, which I will deal with in my supplementary, to alleviate some of the concerns of the people. There’s no question, when you undertake projects of this kind, there is disruption to the people in the area, and they have a legitimate beef when they hear all of that noise. They’re doing—

The Speaker (Hon. Steve Peters): Thank you. Supplementary?

Ms. Cheri DiNovo: It was actually the work of the coalition of the west diamond pile-driving residents’ association that brought this whole issue forward to the Canadian Transportation Agency, so thank you for that.

It is a provincial issue.

L175-1135-20 follows

Ms. DiNovo: It was the work of the coalition of the West Toronto Diamond pile driving residents’ association that brought this whole issue forward to the Canadian Transportation Agency, so thank you for that, and it is a provincial issue. GO-Metrolinx is a provincial agency. Among other things the CTA stated that Metrolinx use significantly quieter vibratory technology, expand on the shrouds already in place and also limit the hours of pile driving. The CTA also echoed an ongoing complaint that Metrolinx needs to open the lines of communication between its organization and the residents.

When will you concede that this project has been an unmitigated disaster that has weakened the public image of GO-Metrolinx?

Hon. James J. Bradley: That party gets up time and again and asks for public transit projects. When those projects are built, they aren’t built without some disruption. I understand that—the same as when the TTC undertakes its projects. Perhaps you’ll want to talk to the TTC.

What they have done already is restricted hours for the piling work, noise shrouds on the pile drivers, alternative types of pile drivers, temporary noise reducing walls, a telephone line, an e-mail address for residents to contact GO. GO is in the process of reviewing and assessing the CTA’s proposed measures and will respond by the October 22 deadline.

I understand that GO has already put in place a number of measures proposed by the CTA and GO will continue to work with neighbouring communities to minimize the disturbances and complete this important project.

J. W. wrote:

Is anyone else withholding their property taxes until this metrolinx project is nixed? I also intend to sue for the loss in property value.

I cannot believe the level government of idiocy we are dealing with here. Why are they hellbent on turning Toronto into Detroit?

G. S. wrote:

I am a member, since its inception, of the group (the West Diamond Leaders) who prepared and got this complaint into the hands of the Canadian Transportation Agency (the CTA), the Federal Agency who oversee the so called "lawless" railway lands.

The recent judgment offered by the CTA regarding our complaint is absolutely damning of GO/Metrolinx and Minister Bradley knows it. GO/Metrolinx has until Thursday (20th) to respond to the CTA's written ass-kicking.

We have a leg up here and intend to undertake the final steps next week (we have until the 30th to comment to the CTA on whatever GO comes back with rebutting the CTA's findings). Our intention is to get a binding set of rules in place that will apply to the continuation of this pile installation project, which, you probably don't know, appears to have been extended by a further 6 months through to June 2010. A hopeful ancillary benefit will be having those rules carry forward as a minimum to any further construction involving pile installation on this rail expansion job.

Don't crucify the City here - I note you speak of withholding property taxes. I understand your frustration, but the City has actually been a strong ally.

The lands where the noise and vibration originate are Federal/Provincial (with the recent "sale" of the corridor, which I have heard involved a change of title but no exchange of money to date, so the true ownership becomes even cloudier). As the land is not theirs, the City cannot gain even simple access. Their noise and vibration inspectors have been denied entry to the project's land on a number of occasions. Only upon the filing of the official CTA complaint was the City allowed comment that meant anything.

Prior to our filing the complaint, Councillor Palacio proposed that City Council pass a motion that allowed our group access to the services of the City's legal department. That motion was passed quickly. Our "layman" assembled complaint gained great strength and credibility from the City's Solicitor's inclusion of a very pointed legal position. As well as providing legal services, the City also dispatched their sound and vibration experts to the site. Their findings added greatly to the sincere but DIY efforts our group undertook and submitted.

As the City was asked to contribute to the initial complaint, they are also asked to contribute to the final comments. We count on their further input.

The City's position advocates very strongly for the residents. I want to make that very clear to any readers here who are wondering about where the City sits on this issue. It was not until the CTA complaint was actually filed that the City became Party to this. Now that they have status in the judgment process, the City has not been at all reluctant to assist.

If they had to send us a bill just for the legal services provided to date, it would be certainly in excess of $7,500 (I think perhaps closer to $10 K) and they still have work to do on the rebuttal to GO/Metrolinx. It may not sound like much money when faced with the nuisance we are experiencing, but none of us on the committee can ante that up. As well, none of us are lawyers and none of our group is independently rich nor has recently won the lottery.

When you speak of withholding property taxes, you are actually punishing your friend. City taxes keep your water running, the streets (sort of) clean, keep the police eating donuts, keep the TTC running, get the grass cut in the parks, the fire services engaged and the garbage collected, unions willing.

If you are thinking about insisting upon a market re-assessment for your property's taxable value, that's an entirely different issue and our group believes that all area residents have the right to insist that their property be re-assessed in view of the highly intrusive and potentially devaluing work being done by GO/Metrolinx.

If you advocate the withholding of taxes, your real target is the Provincial Government. Any tax withholding that anyone might contemplate would be the Provincial portion of your April 30th return. Those who have their taxes deducted at source probably could not take any action in that way - that is why deductions are made at source. People who are self employed could decide to make a statement..

I certainly don't advocate City tax withholding - the City will just get a lien on your property, so it's a moot point. If you should withhold on April 30, the Prov's will have the CRA take action that would not be nice were you on the receiving end. It is a statement, but an effort that has too many bad outcomes.

Where we need people's help is in gaining a much more broad based understanding of this project and its effects. This is smoke (literally), mirrors and hallucinations on GO/Metrolinx' behalf being forcibly imposed onto the residents. GO/Metrolinx and the Government are suggesting that the new railway line will feature Diesel 4 technology. As I understand things, Diesel 4 does not exist at all, not even on the planning board, and most probably won't exist in the time frame where it's needed here. Electrification, a technology that actually exists and is used in most jurisdictions around the world that run trains, is evidently too expensive.

At least Jim Bradley declares electrification as too expensive for the likes of us, the residents of the corridor.

Diesel 4 is something that Dalton McShifty and his sycophants just dreamed up and Dalton hopes like crazy that someone, somewhere will come up with it in the next few years, should he remain in office. If he's not in office, who cares? - it's the next Premier's problem.

In the same light, knocking the required thousands of piles into the ground quietly, using widely available quieter installation methods, is something that any responsible government who gave a damn about anything but cost would have routinely done out of respect for the area residents. The technology is readily available. It's not as dirt-cheap as blasting the piles into the ground with a 250,000 ft.lbs/strike diesel hammer striking 40X per minute, but it's out there and cities world-wide are using the quieter methods when they have to undertake these types of projects in places where people live.

New Orleans, a pile driver company owner's heaven, is not being re-built with the kind of mid-70's technology that we're enduring here. There are lots of piles being driven in The Big Easy, but residents generally don't have to listen and shake while the work is being done. As the CTA found, we have been exposed to noise and vibration that has been, from the outset, completely unreasonable.

So, why are we shaking and being deafened here?

It's simple - High Park/Parkdale is not a Liberal riding provincially, nor Conservative federally. Our MPP, Cheri DiNovo (NDP) has been consistently helpful and willing to work with us. Her Party, though, has less than 20 seats in the Legislature, so her efforts to pin Bradley's ears back at Question Period are quite limited by the Rules of the House.

Bradley knows that and continues to give mealy-mouthed and evasive responses to her questions. Bradley is, as Churchill once said about a political rival, "a sheep in sheep's clothing".

Davenport currently has an MPP who is known among his peers as the Honourable Member from Cuba. Mr. Ruprecht's attendance record in the house, I'm told, is not particularly distinguished and has been less so as the years have passed. Initially, he was actually in favour of the pile driving. Who knows his current position - nobody can find him (I guess we would have to go to Cuba and ask Fidel or Raoul if they had seen him). McShifty can count on no pushback coming from here.

Federally, High Park - Parkdale's Liberal Gerard Kennedy has been very helpful in providing direction and mentoring, but not so much lately. It would be nice to locate him for a sit-down before we have to make our final comments to the CTA. I believe he's still interested in this case and, as Opposition Infrastructure Critic, this is his bailiwick.

On the Davenport federal side, I have heard that Mario Silva (Liberal) has been enjoying his travels and studies in Europe. I don't follow his activities at all, but frankly every person who reads this site is a bigger player in the outcome than Silva. He's obviously a clever guy - it would be nice to engineer a $140K/year job where you really had to do nothing but run as a Liberal every once in a while in a riding that's been Liberal pretty much as long as it's been in existence.

About 7 months ago, Mario wrote a letter about the pile-driving noise to someone at the CTA. I guess he then got on a plane to some place sunny near the Mediterranean.

So, what do we do now as a group of residents? On our committee's end, we get the rebuttal together. Who knows what GO/Metrolinx may come back with. We are going to stick to our core position - if GO/Metrolinx must do this, do it in a way that is minimally noticeable and invasive. The technology to do so exists. The money, through the infrastructure program (among others) is there. We are the residents and property owners here and GO/Metrolinx must respect our rights. We are not going to "take one for the team".

To those who follow these goings-on at this site, we should prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Even though the prognosis is good here, if something goes sideways we cannot just throw our hands up in defeat. Our friends at Clean Trains are doing good work. The Weston People are doing good work. If GO/Metrolinx somehow manages to end-run us on this issue, we can't let the effort wither.

We'll keep all of the readers informed. The next couple of weeks will be truly interesting.

I hope this is helpful.

October 23
From: Clean Train Coalition

Join the Clean Train Coalition at the Climate Change Rally on Saturday, October 24th at 2pm in Queen's Park, and support an International Day of Action against Climate Change. Help gather signatures on the Clean Train Coalition petition, and make it known that diesel trains are not an option to meet Toronto's goal of 80% carbon reduction by 2050!

For more information, www.torontoclimatecampaign.org/ and http://www.cleantrain.ca

October 27
From: Clean Train Coalition

Hi everyone! Please see below for an Update on the Environmental Assessment, a list of Upcoming Events, and a special request for help from those with economic, fundraising or outreach experience and interest.


The provincial environmental assessment (EA) was passed on October 5 with conditions, notably the "requirement" to use low-emissions "Tier 4" diesel engines. These conditions, however, apply to only half the trains and they are contingent on the availability of a technology which does not currently exist, is unlikely to be ready by 2015, and will likely be very expensive.

Also, Metrolinx has undertaken an electrification study which will likely recommend electrification. There is, however, no firm commitment by Metrolinx to implement the study's recommendations. There is also no commitment to hold off on diesel expenditures until the study is complete, which will not be for at least another year and a half, possibly longer.

The Clean Train Coalition will continue to press for the electrification of the Georgetown Corridor.


There are a number of events coming up where you can get more information or raise awareness. Feel free to attend any of them or contact info@cleantrain.ca if you have questions or know of any other upcoming events that might be of interest to our mailing list.

Events this week....

Tues, Oct 27 – Fern Ave Meeting

(RMRA – Roncesvalles MacDonnell Residents Association)

Fern Ave.Public School, 123 Fern Ave, 7-9 p.m.

CTC and Metrolinx were invited to speak (Metrolinx declined the invitation). All are welcome.

Thurs, Oct 29 – MPP Rosario Marchese electric trains information meeting

Array Music Studios, 60 Atlantic Ave, Suite 218 (in LibertyVillage)

Speakers: Mike Sullivan of the CTC will speak on the issue and Dr. Avrum Regenstreif will talk about electric train technologies.

Fri, Oct 30 – West Toronto Railpath opening

Railpath entrance at Wallace Avenue (south of Dupont, west of Perth, north of Bloor).

2:00 p.m start

RSVP: Toronto Protocol RSVP Line 416-392-7667

This is an opportunity to raise awareness on our issue.

We need someone to organize the Clean Train Coalition presence at this event (we can provide you with flyers).

Please let us know if you would like to do this at


And other upcoming events...

Tues, Nov 9 – Board of Trade breakfast with the Minister of Transportation, Jim Bradley


This event costs but if you can go, it would be great to have people there asking hard questions about this transit expansion!

(We might be able to sponsor one or two attendees so let us know if you can attend)

Mon , Nov 16 – Toronto Board of Health meeting

At this meeting, the Board of Health will be reviewing an updated report by the Toronto Medical Officer of Health. More details to come later .

Wed, Nov 18 - Our next Clean Train Coalition Meeting

Davenport Perth Neighbourhood Centre, 1900 Davenport Rd (just west of Symington), 7-9 p.m.

Nov 19-20 – Designing Transit Cities Symposium

TorontoCity Hall dinner Thurs, Nov 19, breakfast and day sessions Fri, Nov 20

All sessions are free – RSVP to protocol@toronto.ca

Details at: http://www.toronto.ca/planning/urbdesign/transitcities/pdf/symposium_outline.pdf


The Clean Train Coalition is a volunteer organization and as such, we are always looking for help. We could especially use help in the following areas:

  • People with an accredited economics background to help provide concrete proof of how electric trains will be cheaper in the long term
  • People to help organize fundraising activities
  • Anyone who wants to help with outreach - getting the word out, etc.

Please email info@cleantrain.ca if you want to help us out in these or any other areas.

October 30
J. P. wrote:

There is a journalist writing an article about the Junction, Metrolinx and the West Toronto Diamond Project. He would like to hear from residents or business owners in the neighbourhood and get their perspective about what has happened/ is happening with regard to these projects and the construction.

While he may not contact you directly, anything you write to him (via email) could potentially be used as a quotation. Any concerns, complaints, comments, etc. should be forwarded to him by next Thursday, November 5th to be considered for the article.

His name is Jameson Berkow, email: jberkow@ryerson.ca or berkow11@gmail.com, cell: 416 729 2245. He'd love to hear from you!

Let's keep the ball rolling!

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