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12 e-mails in February 2009

February 3, 2009, 5 e-mails

One last reminder about this very important meeting in our community

Metrolinx Consultation

Wednesday Feb 4, 11 am Ė 8:30 pm
Mount Dennis United Church
71 Guestville Ave (entrance on Dennis Ave)

Have you heard? Increased GO service and a new Air Rail Link are coming through our community. Additional tracks, diesel trains every 3.5 minutes (on average), road closures at Denison and John St are amongst the changes being considered.

Please join us in demanding that Metrolinx build a public transportation system that we can all ride and all be proud of.

Let's build one that is environmentally safe and accessible for future generations.

Letís tell Metrolinx to BUILD IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

Unable to attend ? Check out alternate dates and locations or leave your feedback online. http://metrolinx.com

Mount Dennis Community Association

c/o 71 Guestville Ave, Toronto M6N 4N4


February 2, 2009, 7 e-mails

T. wrote:

From the following sentence in the article, I think that the new DRL subway line might be INSTEAD of the corridor expansion:

"Metrolinx has proposed a DRL alignment in its ‚€œBig Move‚€Ě document for the 25-year timeline, following Queen Street (as in the older Queen Street Subway plans from the 1950s and 1960s) instead of the railway corridor (as per the 1980s plans)."

Excellent question for Metrolinx at the meetings.


G. M. wrote:

I appreciate these comments from Ms. Farrow. It's helpful to have some insight into who and how you will best be heard so you can most effectively invest your passions and concerns for the subject. Thank you for sharing this, Eli!


E. M. wrote:

Hi everyone,

I am not able to attend this meeting but I just discussed this project with a colleague, Jane Farrow of the Centre for City Ecology. I donít know much about urban planning/transit development, but for what itís worth, hereís the insight/advice she offered.

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