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March 7, 2009, 2 e-mails

March 7, 2009

A bike ride along the tracks (both CP and VIARail)+]

1.This link tells more about the West Toronto Diamond

2.This is where the big banging sounds come from

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R. K. wrote:

Yes, I too am glad to see the exchange on this topic.

I don't see the logic in Andrew's comment below about "having it ways". If we have learned anything over the last few years here and abroad, it is that P3s ("public-private partnerships") are a gigantic scam that cost both government and the general public more than publicly financed and run projects. Andrew seems to be suggesting we will at least be getting an airport link, albeit an expensive and impractical one, funded and operated by private dollars. In fact, we could very well be getting an airport link that is both expensive and impractical AND whose costs are funded by the public purse. For those interested, there was a recent post on the very topic of P3 madness on the "Progressive Economics Forum" blog:


We have to address the city's transportation needs as one overall package. Transit City is an interesting proposal, but it is first and foremost that -- a proposal. Funding has not even been secured to update and adequately staff and maintain the existing network, let alone grand designs for the future. I believe that only some capital funding for the initial phase of Transit City has been set aside by the City and Province, with guarantees of neither capital funding for the subsequent phases nor operating funding for any phase.

Andrew is free to think that the building of a P3 white elephant to the airport will not detract from the overall package. I beg to differ. It is sure to slow down the city's move towards the kind of comprehensive project that we need.

(Parenthetically, even in relation to the very modest and narrow objective being set out for this project, it hasn't been demonstrated that it will substantially reduce the number of car trips to the airport. Look at the route it covers and the ticket price. It just doesn't add up.)

S. E. wrote:

I have not read any study to indicate that this particular rail link will take cars off the road, I feel that most people who might take it do not have a car in the first place.

It seems to me that if the cost is really going to be 35.00 per person then TTC or a cab is cheaper and it has been shown that until we hit people in the pocket books greener ideas don't get the attention they deserve.

Why can't we have it both ways, If a private company thinks it can make a profit transporting people to the airport why should we pump public funds into it just because the feeling is that it might take a few cars off the road.

The Ferry to Rochester comes to mind as a failed attempt by a private company to reduce traffic and travel time, They also wanted public funds at one point.

P.S. I disagree that people are worrying or complaining I have read nothing but an interesting discussion.

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