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March 6, 2009,1 e-mail

A copy of the response letter for P-191 Alternative Routes for the Air Rail Link presented by Cheri DiNovo (request in December 2008, response date: 6 Mar 2009).

A. M. wrote:

Wow, I'm excited that we finally have something to discuss on this list serve other than plumbers and eavestrough cleaners. Good response, lots of good points, some of which I'd like to reply to.

The proposed fare is $20, not $35. As Sheila Pin pointed out a cab to Pearson is already $35-40 so the rail link wouldn't be competitive at $35.

The city is rolling out a major rapid transit expansion through Transit City, which I think addresses part of Raghu's concern. Some others are worried that we shouldn't spend money on an airport rail link that supposedly benefits the few, others complain that we shouldn't have these public private partnerships. People, we can't have it both ways! It's a rapid transit link that will take cars off the road and has the potential to service a transit hub in our community. Isn't that a desirable goal?

Re: Kim and others point about reducing air travel. I'm in total agreement. Air travel is a huge contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. But people are still flying and if we can encourage them to at least leave their cars on the road we can lessen some of the environmental impact. A side note for those concerned about air travel. Consider the new Pickering Airport that the GTAA and the feds (Jim Flaherty) want to foist on the GTA. Some of us are old enough to remember the original Pickering Airport fight of the mid 70's (People or Planes). The idea that Toronto needs a new airport is so offensive it defies the imagination. But the imminent closing of Buttonville Airport is part of this plan.

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