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March 7, 2009

A bike ride along the tracks (both CP and VIARail)+]

1.This link tells more about the West Toronto Diamond

2.This is where the big banging sounds come from

3.St.Mary's cement elevators, view from Hook Avenue

4.Condo towers (comments in "The Junctioneer")

5.Deltera Contracting (the construction arm of Tridel)

6.Freight Train behind new condo construction

7.Back of sign across from National Rubber

8.Front of sign: Georgetown Rail Corridor

9.St.Mary's Cement elevators -- now just a truck parking lot

10. Switches by National Rubber (Old Weston Road)


14. West Toronto Pumping Station

15. Level crossing on Osler, looking south

16.Osler level crossing north of tracks, looking east

17.Osler level crossing north of track, looking west

18.Brothers' Plumbing yard, by Osler level crossing

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