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[DRAFT, July 19, 2019: numbers being checked]

Food-related income/expenditure, Dufferin Grove Park (DG), 2018:

Food-related expenditure (materials, i.e. groceries) : $113,581

food-related staffing (part-time only, not counting full-time): $194,834

Total cost of food-related program: $308,415

Total food-related income: $97,517 (2018 “income-by-day”)

Profit/loss: -210,898*

*not including benefits, food-related supervisory staff, admin staff (e.g. financial services, food ordering etc.) Add between $50,000 and $100,000 to the loss calculation.

Income versus staffing details by program*:

Cob café income: $18,006.35. Staffing: $47,955
Rink snack bar income: $17,604.95. Staffing: $38,058
Friday Night Supper (FNS) income: $15,520.75. Staffing: $29,778
Market snack bar income: $21,423.05. Staffing: $38,787
Market bread income: $18,234.90. Staffing: $29,535
Pizza day income: $6726.90. Staffing: $10,721

Total income: $97,517

Total staffing cost: $194,834

-- *These income figures are from the 2018 “income-by-day” response through FOI. Note that the comparisons don’t include grocery costs. The staff cost calculations were made using the city's current recreation worker wage codes and the 2018 staff schedules.


- total DG part-time staffing $307,603.49 (SAP}
- total cost of DG food staffing: $194,834.

So almost two-thirds of the cost of staffing the park (part-time staff only) is about food (even before the real cost calculation, see red note above). Another whack is for cleaning. Almost none of the Dufferin Grove staffing expenditure except skate lending is for park user activity programming. Note: The wading pool is not part of the DG budget.


Ongoing efforts to check the numbers

From earlier years: Income/expenditure comparisons.

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