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Notes, 2017


AGM Nov.27, 2017

Here are the minutes of the 2017 AGM and the minutes of the April 21 2018 financial an follow-up meeting.

Trustee reports:

Botanicus Art Ensemble final report

West End Garden Corridor final report for TD FEF

the loss is even worse if you count wages


The City of Toronto uses SAP software for its municipal accounting. The 2017 SAP spreadsheet for Ward 18 PFR is here. Food in the park continues to operate at a loss.

Dufferin Grove 2017 Rec staffing costs. Total: $587,715
Dufferin Grove 2017 Parks staffing cost. Estimated total: $540,855.

Total cost (note missing numbers, below): $1,128,570.

Dufferin Grove 2017 income Total according to SAP: $123,544 for food and skate lending. plus $7002 for rink permit fees

Net cost of running Dufferin Grove in 2017: $1,005,026 (plus $300,000 estimate for the missing costs)

Missing costs: Forestry, Solid Waste (park garbage collection in trucks), centralized data entry, centralized food ordering, and management costs for the Parks supervisor and Forestry supervisor time allocated to Dufferin Grove Park.

Dufferin Grove Capital Projects

- about the Dufferin Grove income-by-day report (obtained through Freedom of Information)

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