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CELOS Board meeting for 2017 Financial statements presentation

April 21, 2018

Directors present: Peter Thillaye (President ), Jane Price ( Treasurer), Lea Ambros, Lily Weston, Ann Bjorseth, Mary Jane Young. Daniela Harris (Youth Rep)
Ex officio: Mayssan Shuja Uddin
Jutta Mason (administrator). Guests : David Cayley , David Rothberg , Nayssam Shujauddin, Henrik Bechmann
Regrets: Chris Sternberg, Jane LowBeer, Matt Leitold.

1. Meeting called to order at 12.45 pm, motion by Peter Thillaye Seconded by Ann Bjorseth

2. Motion to discuss and accept 2017 financial statements by Peter Thillaye, seconded by Jane Price: accepted by unanimous vote by all board members including by email from Chris Sternberg, Jane LowBeer, and Matt Leitold.

3. Other business:

(a) In 2018 we will be trustee for Dyan Marie’s “How We Live In Cities” group, for a $15,000 grant from the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. The grant is called How We Live In Cities presents: ParkSite

(b) The Big on Bloor Festival will have a park theme this summer. CELOS will have 2 tables at the event to illustrate our “Vital small conservancy plan.” This will include the tandoor (making naan), a checker table, masks on loan from Clay and Paper Theatre, and a large map using Jane LowBeer’s newsletter images

(c) Jode Roberts will use CELOS as trustee, if a grant is approved, for a City of Toronto Waste Reduction Community Grant. Friends of Christie Pits asking for $7,550 to set up a Community Events Lending Library (CELL).

(d) David Rothberg presented a $3000 cheque to support the 4-month planning for a “Vital small conservancy plan.” Followed by a discussion of the issues and possibilities.

(e) Discussion of Sidewalk Lab (Google) project at Toronto Waterfront, including data-mining at playgrounds

Motion to adjourn: Peter Thillaye, seconded by Jane Price. Meeting ends at 3 pm.

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