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Dufferin Grove Parks staffing (SAP)

Source: FOI request 2018 - 00259

Version 4 (see note below)

PKS-TE-GS 1.7: I think SW program support is Wards 14 and 18: actual cost is $1,400,621. If you assume 2/3 for Ward 18 because it has 3 larger parks, i.e. DG plus Dovercourt plus Wallace, and Ward 14 has only 1 larger park, i.e. Sorauren, that gives Ward 18 $924,409. If you take 1/3 of that for DG, that gives us $305,055.

PKS-TE GS1.124 S-Central AIRS Operations must be all of TEY: 2,162,867. If you divide that by the number of pads (29), that makes $$74,581 per pad. DG has two pads so that gives us $149,163.

PKS-TE-GST PC3 South General Tech Services is $3,150,627, which is likely the cost for all of TEY. Taking a wild guess: 2% of that gives us $63,012. Considering plumbers, carpenters, electricians, it seems unlikely to be less.

PKS-TE-GST TS7 South General Specialized Maintenance is $4,425,043. Again must be TEY citywide. Guess .5% is $22,125. Playground inspection? What else?

There is also a line called City Property: $679,960. Iím imagining it as TEY as well. Letís pick a number: $1500 (way low, maybe).

Total estimated cost of Parks services for Dufferin Grove Park: $540,855.

Alternative facts from Parks and Rec:

- Version 1 had only the rec numbers, nothing else.
- Version 2 had the Parks numbers but was missing the wading pool numbers.
- Version 3 had the Parks and wading pool numbers but had the budget and actual numbers reversed.
- Version 4 had the budget and actual numbers in their correct (?) columns.

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